Wednesday, April 28, 2010


i have desperately been wanting a clothesline.

but have you googled clotheslines lately?


so i'm trying to get my dad to get one from a neighbor that doesn't use his.

but until then, worker man rigged up a clothesline on our screen porch.

i'm sure they neighbors are so thankful :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

frock update.


leave it to me to make an "idiot-proof sew along" dramatic.

so far this frock has been quite the challenge.

yesterday i went to get my fabric [yes, nothing like waiting until the last minute].  and realized when i got to joanns that i didn't have my pattern with me to see how much fabric i needed.  so i called my mother-in-law to look it up online.

well, in order for her to access the pattern, she had to create a username, put in her information, and fill out the word verification.  she went through the entire process three times before she finally found a username that would work.  so, when she finally got all of it acceptably entered, they sent her an e-mail for verification.  she had to log into her email and click on the link so she could get into the site and download the pattern.  so she goes back to yahoo, and the server won't allow her to sign into her e-mail account!

so alll of that, just to find out she can't even get to the pattern.

i called worker man and he was already home.  so he found the copy i printed and told me the amount in about 5 seconds.  after fmil went through all of that for like 10 minutes.

during all of this i narrowed my fabric choice down to two choices.
a navy, linen-like fabric and an auqa color with a white pattern all over.
after going round and round i finally decided on the navy.

so, i got up to the counter and the lady cut the amount that i needed and handed me the tag to take to the register...

....and i almost croaked.

the fabric that i had looked at beside the navy was like $7.99/yard and 50% off.
so i assumed that this fabric was the same.

except really, it was $14.99 per yard.

and not 50% off.

and 2.5 yards.


so rather than telling them i had made a mistake, i just went ahead and paid for it!!

i'm such a whimp.

so now, my cute little frock that could have cost like $10 total.
now costs $40.

that's like major coupon work - to make up for that ridiculous mistake.

plus, i called my mom looking for some kind of positive in all of this and she tells me that "you get what you pay for - so it'll probably be better that you got a nicer material".

and then she proceeds to say "well, except it's linen.  so you'll probably shrink it the first time you wash it."

so much for a positive!

Monday, April 26, 2010



i hope you all had a beautiful weeked.  ours was fabulous.  tons of time was spent with beautiful people.  over food. and games. and bonfires.  it was so refreshing.

and then i had to work - on saturday morning :)

i was a teller my senior year of college and i've stayed on with the bank to help out random saturdays.  just a little extra money [and by little, i mean little] .  but it's no fun. 

so i woke up and left in time to stop by starbucks on my way.
[a latte and new magazine always help make those saturday mornings a little better].

but i got on the highway and realized i forgot my phone at home.
which i had to have because i was meeting a friend after i got off work. [too much detail].

so i went all the way back home to get it. and mentioned to worker man that i was not going to be able to stop at starbucks now because i would be late.

thinking that maybe, just maybe he'd get the hint to bring me some to work.

well....that went right over his head.
or maybe he just ignored it.

so by 9:15 i was really wanting some starbucks so what did i do??

sent a  text  to fmil.

just to see if she was in the area.
and i found out she wasn't.

in fact she and ffil were in another town on the opposite side of where i was.

but look who appeared an hour later.

are those good inlaws, or what?

i think i've got any of you beat!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


last weekend i did an engagement photoshoot.

i've been working on the pictures this week and thought you might like to see a couple :)

we had such a fun time.
it was the perfect evening!

they are such a beautiful couple.
so in love.
with God.
and one another.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i saw this upcoming "sew along" and i have decided to join!

i have been wanting to make clothes for awhile now but i've yet to take the jump.

sooo, i will be picking out my fabric for my frock this week.

any suggestions?
color, designer, ideas??

i'll keep you updated on the progress :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


a couple of weeks ago i read this post by Megan and decided that i would try the pizza rolls she talked about making. 

we had them last sunday for lunch and they were wonderful!

well, i started to browse the website and found a ton of great recipes.  i decided the next on my list would be grilled pizza.

we found whole wheat, fresh pizza dough at trader joes for only $0.99.  so worker man and i made our pizzas for supper last night. 

oh my word.

can i just tell you, they were delicious!

it was fabulous because i'm a big veggie lover and worker man doesn't like veggies but loves meat.  so we made two smaller pizzas that had just what we wanted on them.  no having to compromise.  we could both have exactly what we wanted.

i had red and green peppers, onions, mozerella and feta cheese, and spinach.
and worker man had turkey and lots of mozerella and cheddar cheese.

so next time someone comes over?
we're having a pizza bar!

you should try it.

happy monday!

Friday, April 16, 2010

three for friday.

i know it would totally be so much better if i have five for friday.

but...i don't.

so how about three?

1.  laundry much?

clearly a pretty busy week - evidenced by the fact that worker man is about to have to go without boxers or start turning them inside out.

2.  i stole this coffee cup from my mom. 

it definitely adds a little happy to my mornings.

3.  my latest project!

found this gorgeous thang at goodwill for $10!  it's going to be my first reupholstery project.
i'll keep you updated :)  i'm so excited!

and that's all i've got.

like i said, busy week.

have a wonderful weekend!!

sorry for the crappy pictures - they're from my phone.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


i absolutely love magazines!

these three are my all time favorites.

there's nothing like reading through a fresh magazine for the first time.
[especially after carrying it around for two weeks waiting for the perfect free time to crack the cover].
dog-earing pages to come back to.
wishing your house could look just like that.
getting new ideas.
setting them out on the coffee table.

i just love it!

what about you?
do you like them?
what are your favorites??

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

and the winner is...

True Random Number Generator
Min:   1

Max:   24

Result:   10

Powered by RANDOM.ORG
"My mom says I'm a winner so I think I should get it!!!! :)   AND I check your blog every single day. And you love me. What is there to think about? :)"
I'll get your towel to you asap!
This was way fun!! 
Can't wait till the next giveaway!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


do any of you own white pants?

well, can i just tell experience with white pants has not been good.

take one:

i bought my first pair of white pants one summer and wore them on a first date.  all was going well - feeling cute in my teal halter top, wedges and white pants.  we ate at a japanese restaurant and then were supposed to head to a movie.  well, the guy i was on the date with went to my rival highschool and one of their biggest football games had gotten postponed to saturday night due to a thunderstorm the night before.

i could tell he was dying to go to the football game - but in trying to make it a good first date, was willing to give that up to go to the football game.  all the while itching for me to offer the football game option instead.

so, i obliged and he nearly jumped out of his seat because he was so excited.

we had some time in between supper and the football game so this guy suggested that we go to his parent's house to kill half an hour.  so, we show up at his parent's house and get out of the car and his dog comes running around the house.  well, remember the part about the thunderstorm the previous night?

yes, red mud.

and i do mean, all.over.

so, i meet his mother at the door and before we can even be introduced, she whisks me into the kitchen, throws my leg up on the island and starts wiping down my pants.  from my ankles all the way up to the top of my thighs [ummm...yes, ackward].   and the rest of his family walks into the kitchen to meet me with one leg sprawled across the island and with their mother wiping my other leg up and down while on her knees.

and, then....yes, we went to the football game.  
and met all of his friends. 
while in my red, white pants.

so, clearly i waited for quite a while before i bought another pair of white pants.

take two:
i bought another pair of pants about a month before i went out with worker man.  on our second date i decided to wear my white pants for the first time.  we went to eat and i made it out of the restaurant without an incident.  we went to a bowling alley near by and i got out of his big, honkin' truck [major points :)] and walked around the back...

and the way i like to remember it was that i just slightly brushed the exhaust pipe.

in reality i think i slammed my shin into it not so gracefully.  

but, either way...the pants were ruined.

and now, because i'm hard-headed and clearly not willing to learn my lesson...

take three:
i bought a pair of white pants about a month ago.  i have tried them on multiple times to make sure i like them and i've gone round and round about whether i should keep them or not.  

so, last week i decided to break loose. 

i wore them to work and made it all the way to lunch while doing good.  i ran down to the cafeteria to grab a drink and was standing in line.

and all of the sudden....bam.  

i hear a plate shatter.
and immediately feel something nasty hit my toes.
i look over and a lady has dropped her salad plate and the glass has shattered everywhere.
pickled beets, lettuce, cheese, vinegarette dressing....everywhere.

so i don't even worry about looking down till i get a little further away and then see that the entire left leg of my pants is splattered with dressing.

but - good news, it came out with a shout wipe.

i'll update you with the story when i wear them next.
because given my luck so far, i'm sure they'll be ruined next time.

lesson learned.

Monday, April 12, 2010


sooo, there were some good suggestions on the giveaway - and one of you was thinking the same thing I was thinking...

how about a spring kitchen towel?!?

here's the deal.

just leave a comment  - i'll announce the winner at 8:00 am wednesday morning!

Friday, April 9, 2010


yesterday's post was number 300!

can you believe it?  because it seems crazy to me.

so, because i'm super excited about this [and maybe because i want to be like my mother-in-law]...

i'm going to have a little giveaway!

can any one guess what i'm giving away?
anyone want to offer a suggestion?

i think i know what it's going to be - but first, do you have any suggestions?

happy friday!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

easter 2010.

we spent easter with worker man's family this year.
and can i just was wonderful!

such a sweet time with his beautiful family.
so many babies/kids.
so much to talk about.
so much laughter.
so much love.

we are blessed.

with wonderful families.

but more importantly, with a savior that overcame death.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


would this drive you crazy?

oh my word.  i was at a conference yesterday and this is what i came back to this morning.

and the worst part is that i didn't even have time to go through it all when i got back.  i just had to dig out a spot so i could work on the most pressing things.  

the good news is that from march - july, it's 5 pm before i know it :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


since i have gotten on this coupon streak - worker man always brags to everyone about how much we saved.

so since we are saving money, i we decided we should clip and sort the coupons.

i'm liking this more and more :)

Monday, April 5, 2010


worker man and i spent saturday doing this.

[yes, that is my husband.  in shorts and brogans].

speaking of you know what i mean when i say that?!?  this is what my family always called working boots.  but i've come to realize most people don't call them that and typically have no clue what i'm talking about.  aaand, i just googled the word to make sure i was spelling it correctly and this is what came up:

and no, these are not the kind of boots worker man wears.


we planted shrubs and lillies and annuals on saturday and

i slept so good on saturday night. 

it also made such a difference to the way our house looks!

maybe the neighbors will start to associate with us.  i think they think worker man is crazy. because for the last three years worker man has lived in our house and each spring he cleans out the beds and gets all the weeds out and makes a nice little edge.

and then....

does nothing.

no mulch, no flowers, no shurbs.

just pretty dirt.

so maybe our neighbors will finally start talking to us and waving when we drive by.

but, two years in...i'm not getting my hopes up.

i think they are just trying to steer clear of the crazies across the street.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


worker man had to make a delivery for his dad's company the other night so i decided to ride along. 

i never knew what all happened to make a delivery.

and since i'm sure you're all dying to know what happens, i documented it.

yes, get excited.

first you take off running by all these tanks, turning all the right levers and pushing all the necessary buttons.

oh, and jumping over rails. 
[i think worker man's been doing it long enough now that he could do it blindfolded].

and, apparently the copilot just takes pictures of anything and everything.
oh, and gets excited about watching the husband run around like a crazy man and about sitting that high up so high.

some fancy contraption that you have to pull on.

then you have to fill up the truck.

and the copilot takes more random pictures.
well, except the 'no smoking' sign isn't so random.  we don't wont to blow up the city.

then, you proceed to the delivery location.  but all along the way you point out every customer's house in the 10 mile drive.  while the copilot smiles and nods and acts very interested.  even though they might not be. 

then you pull out the line and start pumping the fuel.

and ask your copilot to puhlease get that camera out of your face.
[except worker man broke the rule, he didn't ask quite that nicely].

then you just laugh because the photographer won't stop.  so you embrace it.

and strike a few poses. 
until you almost overfill the tank and it almost spews out in your face.

then you demand that the copilot put down that darn camera and start helping you reel the hose back in. and figure up the bill.

then, leave it on the customer's door and head back home.  through the country.  just as the sun is setting.

then you eat cereal for supper.

told you, you'd be jealous.