Sunday, July 28, 2013

project 52.46


Life is crazy in our neck of the woods.  Y'all are  For real.  It's like two tornadoes tearing through my house all the time.  I am so thankful for all the life that happens under this roof.  Y'all laugh and run and play and cry and eat and sleep and fight and squeal with delight.  It's awesome. 

All of that living means that our house typically looks like this.  Pretty much in every room.  I'm learning, slowly but surely, to be okay with that some days.  I'm also learning that y'all are growing and learning and that you need to be kept busy!  We are coming up with new games and activities just to keep you entertained for a few minutes.  Especially when I can't handle another toy box being dumped out.  

I wouldn't change it for the world!  But, I have realized that I better get an action plan, fast!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

project 52.45


It's crazy how meaningful this sweet, sweet place has been to your daddy.  He spent time every summer at Camp Lurecrest.  From the time he was three all the way through college.  This place was where he came to know Jesus.  Where he became who he is.  Every time we visit, I am in awe.  I love being there.  And I love seeing him back on his old stomping grounds.  

As I was taking this picture I realized that one of my prayers is that this place becomes just as meaningful in your life.  That you spend summers here.  That you fall in love with this place just like so many other people have.  That you meet Jesus and draw near to Him up on this mountain.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

sneak peek - wells is one!

Y'all may remember Rob, Joy and Wells from previous photo shoots.  I think one of my favorite things is photographing a family over and over again.  I got to take Joy's maternity pictures, Wells' newborn pictures and photographed his first birthday (need to post those sometime!).  And then, I got the opportunity for a one year old photo shoot.  Wells is one of the happiest babes ever.  He loves his mama and daddy, hates the grass and is super smiley!     

Friday, July 12, 2013

wedding sneak peek - alex + maggie part 2

Here are more pictures from Alex and Maggie's wedding!  Enjoy!

                                                                                              [image by Courtney Scott]

  [image by Courtney Scott]

  [image by Courtney Scott]

                                                                                                                         [image by Courtney Scott]

                                                                                          [image by Courtney Scott]

  [image by Courtney Scott]

                                                                                                 [image by Courtney Scott]

Thursday, July 11, 2013

sneak peek - alex + maggie's wedding

I had the privilege of photographing the sweetest wedding back in June.  Alex and Maggie are both from North Carolina but live in New York City.  They had their wedding in Raleigh in a small, southern chapel and their reception at a gorgeous historic home.  It was such an incredible celebration.  The entire day was perfect down to every detail.  And their ceremony?  I could go on and on about it.  When the doors opened and the bride walked down the aisle, I was completely speechless.  It was a breathtaking moment.  The music was perfect.  The surroundings were perfect.  She was stunning.  I started to cry (which I typically hold back when I'm photographing a wedding)!  I loved every second of it.  It was such a blessing to get to capture their day!  

Because I have so many pictures I want to post, I figured I'd post some details first.  Tomorrow I'll be back with images of the bridal party and ceremony!  Enjoy!

[image by Courtney Scott]

[image by Courtney Scott]

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

twin newborn shoot - brooks + hadley!

I've been dying to post these images for a while now!  Some of the pictures were used for a birth announcement so I was holding off on posting them until the announcement went out.  Well, the announcement has been out for a while and I am finally posting them!  

 Unfortunately, when my twins came home from the NICU, I didn't do a good job of photographing them.  I was sleep deprived and having a hard time brushing my teeth.  I couldn't even think straight enough to take some decent pictures.  Thankfully, my sister-in-law came to the rescue and took some newborn pictures for us.  But, I was sad to miss the opportunity to photograph newborn twins.  Well, recently I got the opportunity when my sweet nephew and niece were born (different sister-in-law:))!


(This last photo was a snapshot at the end of our session.  I think it was Katie's favorite because it exemplifies their personalities perfectly!  Hadley is freaking out and Brooks is thinking, "Now you see what I've had to deal with in-utero for the last 9 months")