Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Wedding Party/Flowers

worker Man and i got married last june.

this ended up being one of my favorite pictures!

my bridesmaids dresses came from j.crew and i really wanted them to have pretty, light, dresses but also practical dresses that they could wear again and again throughout the summer. the only thing i regret is not buying one for myself!

my favorite flower is a gerbera daisy. we used red, yellow and orage gerbera dasies. i love love love them :)
these are all my cousins (plus my brother and sister). all the guys were ushers in the wedding. (my sister and girl cousin were bridesmaids and my brother was a groomsman). we have all grown up living within a two mile radius of one another so they are all so important to me. we really wanted them to be a part of our wedding (unfortunately that also meant a ton of manual labor with loading and unloading and setting up everything...but they were all troopers).

this was one of my favorite decorations. after the ceremony everyone walked through this area to get to the reception. we used clothes pins to hang pictures of worker man and i. some were pictures of us together and then there were a lot of us growing up and with our families.

and then a normal picture. this is definitely not a good representation of us. the top picture shows our personality a lot more but i figured yall might appreciate a normal one :)

it was all over so so fast!
as soon as we left i was ready to do it all over again!
worker man didn't quite feel the same way.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


a few weekends ago fmil and i spent the day with e.c.

here are a few of the pictures i took.

Monday, July 27, 2009


we had a great weekend!

i'll try to post some pictures tonight.

hope yall have a blessed monday!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Friday Y'all!

Hope your weekend is all it's cracked up to be!

disclaimer: this is the front of my mom's favorite card...i gave it to her for mother's day :) I wish i could remember what it says on the inside!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

birthday so far...

UPDATED AGAIN: Worker Man brought me a dozen light pink, long stemmed gerbera dasies and took me to get sushi for lunch AND my mom and dad sent me red gerbera dasies. WOW!

UPDATED: I just received 2 dozen gerbera dasies from my S&C gals! Aggghhh! My favorite :) :) :)


i'm seriously feeling loved this morning.

my birthday so far:

calls/texts, fmil, dad, ffil, sidney lee, mammy, ellis, kate, stacey, and kathy
bagels and a card from work
and these gifts:

it's only 9:00 AM!

pet free.

worker man really wants a dog.

one of his customers has some labs (w.m.'s favorite) that he is selling.

last night he was trying to convince me that we needed to get one.

his selling points are as follows {keep in mind, he's a that's his job}:
  • they're sooo cute
  • the guy has a girl puppy for sale
  • she's only $350
  • labs are normally $600
and the bonus {that he saved for last, i guess he felt like this would be the major selling point}:

  • she comes from a long line of champions
i guess that point alone was supposed to throw me over the edge.

guess what?

we're still pet free.

and i don't foresee that changing anytime soon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a little late.

i know i'm a little late but here are some pics from fourth of july :)

p.s. i realized that these look blurry. if you click on the picture to make it bigger it makes it a little more clear.

wish list

my birthday is tomorrow.
so, i figured i'd compile a little birthday list...

*piperlime (i want the high wedge but couldn't find a picture)

*b&h photography


*sam moon

these have been on my wish list for the past few months.
one of the best things about our strict budget is that i always have a huge wish list when a holiday comes around. believe me, there's more on the list, these are just some of my favorites :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

put a smile on my face.

so after 13 months i decided to take matters into my own hands.

i love love love fresh flowers!
every time i walked through my kitchen tonight i got so excited.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my goods.

so i have a little story to tell.
but let me just set the scene first.

worker man and i were house sitting last week for the dean of my department at work.
the dean.
also known as a sixty-eight year old surgeon.

well, when we left his house to go back home this past weekend, i locked the keys inside the house, set the alarm and was on my merry way.

i got home, unpacked and then took a shower to get ready to hang out with some friends. when i got out of the shower i started looking for one of my bras and couldn't find it anywhere.

all the sudden it hit me...

i left two bras and two thongs in the top dresser drawer of the room that worker man and i slept in at the dean's house.

{did i mentioned that he and his wife are in their late sixties?!?}
{and, did i mention that we locked ourselves out of the house when we left?!?}

so immediately i call my best friend, my boss, and teeter to let them know what i've done.
none of them could offer any advice between all the hysterical laughing.

so on sunday, i decide on my game plan.

i e-mailed the dean's wife and let her know that i had forgotten some clothes and i needed to stop by at lunch on monday and pick them up.

on monday morning, when i got to work, i had an e-mail from her.

the e-mail stated:
"i will not be here at lunch on monday. i have placed your things in a box and dr. n {ahem, the dean} will deliver the goods sometime on monday."
yes, you read that correct.

the goods.

let that sink in for a moment.

the dean of my department will deliver my goods (i.e. my bras and thongs i left at his house) to my office.

okay, moving on.

well, i had told everyone at work on monday morning the events of the past 48 hours and of course everyone was on the lookout for him to come in. they kept poking their heads in my office asking if he had come in yet.

when he finally came in, he walked into my office, thrust this box of my goods in my face, said "here, this is from nancy (his wife)" and walked out without another word.

sweet life.

yes, i know you're jealous.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


while M was staying at worker man's parents house for the weekend i got to take some pictures...

i sent fmil an e-mail before M came and told her i couldn't wait for her to come so i could use my new camera. in the e-mail i said, "i think kids will be the most fun to shoot".

hmm...not exactly what i meant, but here are a couple of pictures of the sweet gal:

Monday, July 6, 2009


do you notice anything interesting about this store hours sign?


they are closed on allow time for family and worship!

how incredible!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

sign...sign...everywhere a sign.

ffil is quite the golfer....

...and what is the tell tell sign of a golfer??

the sweet tan lines, of course.
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