Friday, September 28, 2012

project 52.29


The way you have rocked my world is a beautiful, terrifying thing.

Yesterday we went to eat lunch with friends at Jason's Deli.  Right after we got lunch started, they announced that we had to evacuate the restaurant because it was on fire.  It became quite chaotic.  A nice employee came over and offered to help me with getting outside.  She offered to start rolling Crews outside (the high chairs there are on wheels) with our friends and my friend, Crystie, offered to roll you, Tate.  Just while I grabbed all of our stuff.  I was a little uneasy about the employee taking Crews but figured since I could keep an eye on her rolling him out, that it would all be okay.  Plus, hello, the restaurant was on fire.  And people were running all over the place.  So, I watched her roll Crews out and she came back in and told me she had left him at the table with our friends. 

I got outside and once I got there, realized there was actually only one baby at our table.  I turned in a circle a couple of times and realized I was missing a baby.  I panicked.  I dropped everything and took off running around the front of the building (I will never, ever forget that Meg also dropped everything and started sprinting across the parking lot).  As soon as I turned the corner, I ran straight into Crystie rolling you out in your high chair.

Immediately, I burst into tears.  Like hysterical tears.  Crystie looked up, completely confused about what was going on.  Then, she realized I was worried you were missing.  We walked back to our table through a tunnel of people staring at what just happened.  While I continued to sob.  

I could not stop shaking for the next thirty minutes.

I always knew that it must be super scary for a parent to lose a child in Walmart or at the park.  I would see it happen and I could tell there was a scared look in their eyes.  I imagined it must feel terrible.

I never imagined it would be so terrifying.
I never imagined I could feel fear so heavy.  So real.  So deep.
Fear in my soul.

Using the word traumatic to describe the day would probably be an understatement.
I have burst into tears several times since. 
I've never been more thankful for the four of us to be under one roof as I was last night.

This love I have for you is a beautiful, terrifying thing.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

freaks of nature.

I came across this on Babymaking by Becky.
This is my life. 
I had to share.


Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

displaying pictures.

One of the hardest parts about everything being digital is that I like to hold things.  I haven't given into the nook or any other type of e-reader.  I like to go to the library or the bookstore, peruse the books, find a great hardback and flip the pages as I read.  

The other major difficulty for me is pictures.  I take a bazillion pictures every month.  And they go nowhere.  Sadly, they don't even end up on the ol' blog very often.  I don't get them printed.  And, if I do actually get some printed which has happened only a handful of times since we've gotten married, they stay in the Shutterfly package and are put in a picture box.  It's frustrating.  I want our pictures to be available.  Memories that we can look back through any time just for fun.  And, that is just not going to happen if they are only on the computer.  I also want to make sure there are pictures for Crews and Tate.  And for their families one day.  Not just some old, obsolete hard drive that I saved all the pictures on.  But actual photos they can look at.

So, in an attempt to remedy this situation, I decided to start printing photo books.  

Jordan and I talked about just ordering prints but realized that by the time we spent money ordering the prints and then bought a photo album for all the prints, we might as well just order books.  

Like I mentioned before, I want to make sure that our kids and our kid's kids have pictures to look at and memories to cherish.  One thing that I absolutely love is handwriting.  When I come across a recipe in my Mema's handwriting or a book that she gave me as a child with a handwritten note in the front from her, I love it.  It's also something I cherish when I look back at my childhood albums.  Well my friend, Meg, told me about an idea she had seen on Pinterest.  You order a photo book without words and then you write in the book.  This way, you have your handwriting with the pictures.  So, for the book about Crews and Tate's NICU stay, I wrote in all the details.  I love it.  Even though it is messier than printed text, I love that it is my handwriting.  So that when our families look back, years down the road they will have that.

 I also decided that I should print a book each time we have a photo shoot.  You get so many great pictures but only end up printing a handful for frames or canvases.  The rest stay on the CD.  So, I printed a book of Crews and Tate's newborn photo shoot as well as the recent 9 month photo shoot.  

 Already these pictures have been looked through multiple times.  We have looked through them and other people have looked through them as they are sitting on our coffee table.  And, Crews and Tate are occasionally enjoying them as chew toys.  Because they are pulling up (say what?!?) and find these to gnaw on.  Oh well, it will add character, right?

So thankful to have these memories and can't wait to start printing more!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

bsf and super glue.

This year I have decided to attend BSF.  We go on Thursday mornings and so far, it has been great!
(Hi Krista! (spelling?) - met a blog reader at BSF last week - so exciting :))
 Crews and Tate will be coming for the first time this week.  So, we'll see if I still say it's great after I attempt to get everyone fed and dressed and to Greensboro by 9 a.m.  Leaving the house before 10:30 is unheard of around here these days. 

Anyway, at lecture last week, Suzie mentioned Galatians 5:22.  The fruits of the Spirit. She said that if we don't already have this verse posted in our home, we should get on it (I'm thinking those weren't her exact words...but close enough :)).  It's that important.  So, I made a fun little picture and decided I should hang it in my laundry room.  I spend enough time in there, I should have something fun and meaningful on the wall!  

I tried to figure out how I was going to hang it.  I knew I didn't want it framed because I wanted a simple look.  So, I decided to use a clothespin to hold it (plus I can switch out the verse easily if there's something else I'd like to put there).  I honestly considered just super-gluing the clothes pin to the wall....but I didn't (you can stop freaking out now, Jordan).  Instead, I found some adhesive putty.  The old school teacher kind.  It works perfectly!

If you'd like a PDF so you can print it out for yourself, just leave me a comment with your email address and I'd be more than happy to email it to you!

Monday, September 24, 2012

moxie monday.

Last week we went to downtown Apex to meet Ken and Barbie.  Before they arrived, we perused a few stores.  There's something about shopping in little main street stores during the Fall.  One of the stores had the cutest little things.  Like awesome little cards and random jewelry and interesting books.  I picked out a few cards and just as I was getting ready to pay, I looked over at a little table and saw this book:

Can you believe it?  

I was so shocked and excited to see a book titled, Moxie, and even more excited that is is full of fun little quotes that represent the word, moxie.  I sat it back down but then, couldn't resist.  

So, I've decided we should have a Moxie Monday quote each week.  You know how good I am with keeping up with these things, right? We typically last about two weeks...  

But, hopefully I can keep this up for at least a few weeks considering that it's just typing out a quote! 

We'll start out with the back of the book:

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Friday, September 21, 2012

project 52.28


You are growing.  
And so am I.

We attended a NICU reunion a few weeks ago and got to see your neonatologist and some special nurses that spent the first month of your life with you!  Crews, Dr. Navarro held you for our group photo (since your dad's arm was freshly broken) and I had to take a picture to compare with the one from the day you got to come home.  It is just so hard to believe how far you have come in ten months! 

Y'all are growing like crazy.  Doing new things every week.  It has been such a blessing to watch y'all thrive.  Especially after a rocky start.  

And, not only are you growing, but I am too.  The things y'all have taught me over the last ten months have been amazing, life changing lessons that I will never forget.  I am grateful that I have been able to grow alongside the two of you.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

project 52.27


We have a new development. 

Over the past month y'all have decided that you're pretty attached to me.  I'm sure it is the combination of being with me all day every day, the fact that you're nursing and maybe...just maybe that y'all are going to be mama's boys {yay!}.  So far you are still okay with being in the nursery or being held by others as long as I'm not in the same room.  But, if you see me for a split second, it's over.  You're screaming to be in my arms.

This has resulted in some strategic moves at home.  If you're playing in one room, I have to get everything done in the room where I am while peeking in to check on you occasionally.  But, I can't walk by in your line of sight.  So, if someone looks in the window these days they may see me running through one room to the next.  Or crawling on all fours to get to the kitchen while you're in the family room.  Ya gotta do what you gotta do :)

I've realized though, that this will only last for a season.  There will be a day, sooner rather than later, that you won't want to be in my arms all the time.  So, I'm choosing to find joy in having a baby on each hip for hours each day.

And besides, I'm pretty attached to y'all too.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

salad supremeeeeee.

Since staying at home I have had such a hard time with eating a decent lunch.  Lots of days I forget. By the time I nurse the boys, feed them lunch and clean the bananas and peas off every surface in the kitchen I forget that I never ate lunch.  So, come 2 o'clock I realize I never ate anything!  Then I'm forced to grab something random to eat.   If I do think to make lunch I typically just make a pb&j.  Big girl lunch.  Let me tell ya.

Well, I went to my sister-in-law's house a few months ago and she told me about salad supreme.  

She told me it made the best pasta salad!  And, she had some awesome pasta salad made for lunch.  I loved it!  I have been wanting to make some ever since!

Finally, when I was at Target last week I bought some veggie farfalle noodles.  

Once I got ready to make it I couldn't remember what my sister-in-law put in her's.  So, I looked around to see what I could find and it actually turned out really good!  It was a great lunch for multiple days.  I made it and was able to just grab a bowl of it when I got hungry!

Here's what you'll need if you want to make some:


  • 12 oz. box of tri-color pasta 
  • 1/4 c. salad supreme 
  • 1 medium cucumber
  • 1/2 bottle good seasons italian dressing (after you've made the dressing - not just the powder)
  • 1/8 c. pine nuts
  • A few shakes of feta cheese
  • A few handfuls of spinach
I boiled my noodles, then added sliced cumbers, pine nuts, feta, a few handfuls of spinach (why not?  add some good nutrients!), then poured the salad supreme and dressing in.  I tossed well and refrigerated for a while.  

You could pretty much add anything.  Onions, red peppers, almonds.  Anything that would tickle your fancy! Yay for a semi-big-girl-lunch! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

project 52.26


Both of you are loved.  
By this woman and so many others.

And not only are you lucky enough to be loved by so many.  But your daddy and I are too.  When people love you well, they love us well.  It is such a blessing to watch people love you.  They want to hold you and play.  They want to spend time with you and get daily pictures or videos of you.  They want to tickle you and smother you with kisses.

They just, flat out love you and we are so grateful.

Monday, September 3, 2012

celebrating the one i love.

Okay, so it appears that all my friends have been quick to post about their Labor Day weekend.  And, I have the urge to type like two sentences.  Which is more than normal these days.  So, I better take advantage.  Keep in mind, I didn't edit any of these pictures.  I only took pictures of a fraction of the things we did this weekend and it all is going to be super sloppy.  But sloppy is better than nothing, right?

We had such a fabulous weekend.  

My whole family was under one roof for longer than 24 hours.  First time this has happened since May.  It was a sweet time.  I love them.  And they love me well.  I am blessed.

We also spent the weekend celebrating the boy.  He turned 31 on Saturday.  It was fun to spend the weekend celebrating him.  

He was super bummed because he recently broke his arm and didn't get to go dove hunting.  This was his only birthday wish.  So, since that plan was no longer an option, I came up with a new plan.  A surprise trip.  Just me and him.  We left on Saturday morning and to say that Jordan was antsy would be an understatement.  He kept trying to guess where we were going.   

Finally, we pulled up and Jordan could see this...

Since he still didn't know where we were, I finally told him we were at the Hillsville FleaMarket and GUNSHOW.  He was beside-himself-excited :)  I'm so glad the surprise worked out.

They had tons of old fun stuff.  So, I spent time taking pictures while he spent time looking at guns and knives.  He was having a ball. 

We spent the entire rest of the weekend with family.  Eating good food.  Drinking good coffee.  Playing fun games.  And having good conversation.  

We sang happy birthday multiple times to the old man :)

[thank you dad, for the reminder to be extraordinary.]

Seeing my brother and sister love the twins is one of my greatest joys.  It just makes my heart so happy.

 We had a cookout with my dad's side of the family on Sunday night and I didn't take many pictures.  In fact, I only brought one lens for my camera - big mistake.  The night time pictures were a mess.

This morning, we came back home to celebrate Jordan's birthday with his family.  It was also such a sweet time of being together with his family.  

I love celebrating the one I love.

I feel very high-on-life as I settle back on my bed tonight.  Just thankful that I am able to call all the people in this post family.  There are so many people who would kill to have what we do.  And I do not take one second for granted.  I am blessed beyond measure.  And oh, so grateful.