Tuesday, September 18, 2012

project 52.27


We have a new development. 

Over the past month y'all have decided that you're pretty attached to me.  I'm sure it is the combination of being with me all day every day, the fact that you're nursing and maybe...just maybe that y'all are going to be mama's boys {yay!}.  So far you are still okay with being in the nursery or being held by others as long as I'm not in the same room.  But, if you see me for a split second, it's over.  You're screaming to be in my arms.

This has resulted in some strategic moves at home.  If you're playing in one room, I have to get everything done in the room where I am while peeking in to check on you occasionally.  But, I can't walk by in your line of sight.  So, if someone looks in the window these days they may see me running through one room to the next.  Or crawling on all fours to get to the kitchen while you're in the family room.  Ya gotta do what you gotta do :)

I've realized though, that this will only last for a season.  There will be a day, sooner rather than later, that you won't want to be in my arms all the time.  So, I'm choosing to find joy in having a baby on each hip for hours each day.

And besides, I'm pretty attached to y'all too.


  1. As much as this picture makes me sad, I LOVE that you have it. We try so hard to capture the *perfect* picture. But this is life. And I love that you captured it! Sweetest twins!!

  2. Love it while it lasts, truly,Jenny!