Wednesday, August 29, 2012

missing daddy.

Since Jordan broke his arm, he has not been able to do much with the boys.  They are squirmy.  So it is quite the challenge to hold them with just one arm.  They want to play and move and bounce.  

He typically holds them each for a few minutes each day because he can't stand not to have some sort of contact with them.  During these few minutes it is so obvious how much Jordan misses the boys and just how much they miss him.

I took these the other day while they were playing.

 Tate and Jordan

Crews and Jordan

Monday, August 27, 2012

family photoshoot.

I have seen a row of blue seats at a mechanic shop for the last four years.  Every time I've driven by them, which is pretty often, I have thought about how much I would love to have some pictures done there.  Once the boys were born I knew that I wanted some pictures done there.  Lucky for me, one of my best friends has become an amazing photographer.  So, I asked her if she would just take a couple of pictures of our family in front of mechanic shop when she came one night. 

And so she did.

But then, the idea of one picture snapped in front of the row of blue chairs turned into so much more.  She worked wonders.

I am so incredibly thankful for these memories.  
I will be forever grateful that she captured my family so perfectly.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

project 52.25


Last Friday your daddy broke his arm and had to have surgery.  
Needless to say, our life has been in upheaval for a few days.  

I left you with your Mimi and Pops and went straight to the hospital to meet your daddy there.  Mimi and Pops  stayed with you for the weekend.  Since then your schedule has been switched up quite a bit.   Your Nonny has been willing to keep you a bunch and she has been here helping with the two of you.  

I have been surprised by how resilient you have been!  Both of you have been great.  You really are such happy babies.  For that, I am thankful.  You have been wiling to go with the flow.  Even when plans change last minute.  

You did really miss your daddy.  Your faces lit up when y'all saw him.  You were so excited!  When your daddy holds you for a minute or two, you are on Cloud Nine!  

Thank y'all for hanging in there this week. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

project 52.24


It's so hard to believe that we're at this stage already!  I looked up the other day and Tate, you were in the kitchen.  I feel like you were both just little preemies whose clothes were too big and who slept all the time.  And now, both of you are crawling all over the place.  You're into everything.  It's total chaos here most days.  You're eating shoes or trying to stick your fingers in outlets.  You're pulling on cords and pulling up on the coffee table.  

I'm so excited as you reach each milestone.  But I'm also a little sad to leave each stage.  It all just goes by so quickly.  I keep thinking, "Am I enjoying this?" and "Everyone says babies grow up in the blink of an eye, so don't blink!  Savor this".  And, just when I think I'm really savoring it, you go on and reach another milestone.  And, I realize that no matter how much I try to savor each moment, they do go by so quickly. 

I'll keep trying to enjoy every single second.
And I'll keep trying to make you understand that shoes are not teething toys.
And I'll keep trying to keep you from getting electrocuted.  You can thank me for this when you're older.