Friday, August 17, 2012

project 52.24


It's so hard to believe that we're at this stage already!  I looked up the other day and Tate, you were in the kitchen.  I feel like you were both just little preemies whose clothes were too big and who slept all the time.  And now, both of you are crawling all over the place.  You're into everything.  It's total chaos here most days.  You're eating shoes or trying to stick your fingers in outlets.  You're pulling on cords and pulling up on the coffee table.  

I'm so excited as you reach each milestone.  But I'm also a little sad to leave each stage.  It all just goes by so quickly.  I keep thinking, "Am I enjoying this?" and "Everyone says babies grow up in the blink of an eye, so don't blink!  Savor this".  And, just when I think I'm really savoring it, you go on and reach another milestone.  And, I realize that no matter how much I try to savor each moment, they do go by so quickly. 

I'll keep trying to enjoy every single second.
And I'll keep trying to make you understand that shoes are not teething toys.
And I'll keep trying to keep you from getting electrocuted.  You can thank me for this when you're older.


  1. LOL! You are back! And, You are FUNNY! Yep, they will thank you...I will too! Love You, Nonny

  2. if you havent already done so....its time to drop the mattresses...sounds like they're pulling up....and ready to explore! :)