Sunday, August 29, 2010


Look at this sweet picture of my sister-in-law, Gretchen, and my youngest niece.
I got to take some pictures of them while we were at the beach and they are a beautiful family.

I bought Photoshop Elements not too long ago and I've been trying to learn a few things.

With a 2 year old and a 10 month old on the beach it was quite difficult to get a picture with both of them looking at the camera without wind blowing in their faces or without the youngest eating sand!

So - the picture from above actually came from this picture below:

I was excited about fixing this so I called Worker Man in to look at it.
He was being all supportive and excited about it then all of the sudden, he said:  
" you notice anything odd about that picture?"

So, I pose the same question to you...

Do you notice anything odd about the picture?
I reposted it below:

How about the random fingers on Gretchen's neck?

I think it might be a good idea to get Worker Man to "proof" my work before I send it to any future clients :)

Here's the finished product :)

Still not perfect - but would you have noticed if I never said anything?

Monday, August 23, 2010

timex sport.

Do any of yall wear a watch everyday?

At the beach the conversation came up that it was odd that I wore a watch all the time.
That wearing a watch wasn't normal any more. 

But, I am in love with it.

I really do wear my watch all.the.time.

Like at night I take off all my jewelry but not my watch.
For the last 7 years [although I did have to buy an identical replacement when the first broke on year 5].

I swim with it on.
I shower with it on.
I run with it on.
I dress up with it on [even though it's a sport watch].

And....apparently I even sunbathe with it on...

Try to contain your jealousy.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Last week I spent the entire week with these two beautiful nieces of mine along with the rest of Worker Man's family.

It was wonderful.

But...on top of a week at the beach, house hunting and living out of boxes, I've been a little behind on the blogging.

Hopefully I'll be back soon :) 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

look what i found!

We were pulling boxes down from the attic last week as we were packing up and I opened a box with my duvet and curtains from college.  And there, on the very top, 
I found Pinkie!!

I have had this little lamb since I was a newborn and I slept with it every night up until Worker Man and I got married.  I figured continuing to sleep with a stuffed animal after that might be considered a little strange.

But oh my goodness, can I just tell you how excited I was to find Pinkie [who used to be pink - although she's pretty much white now]!

What about you?  
Did you sleep with a blanket or animal growing up?
Do you still have it?

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hi friends!
Happy Monday :)
I hope your weekend was fabulous!

Okay, interesting story.

First off, a little background...Worker Man is addicted to looking at houses.  So we have looked at houses for the last two years without any intention of moving.  Just to look.

Well, over the last few months we have started to feel a little cramped.  We love our little house [not that it's anything to get too excited about - but it's ours :)] but it's just not enough room. Especially when I have to use the second bedroom as an office, guest bedroom, storage space and craft room.  It's a little inconvenient to climb over Worker Man's mountain bike and wedge myself in between the Rubbermaid table and futon anytime I want to sew.  I'm just sayin'....

So, we came across a house that we really liked and thought maybe we should put our house for sale just to see if we could sell it.  Our house was not at all ready to be on the market.  Still lots of little projects that needed to be done.  But Worker Man wanted to just go ahead and "try it".  I figured no one would come see it for awhile so it would be no biggie.

Well, Worker Man put a sign in the yard on July 7th.  No paper with it.  No realtor.  No listing online. Just one sign with a phone number.

And we actually got calls.  From lots of realtors.  But also from people interested.  But no one interested enough to look at it.

Well, fast forward to last Saturday, July 24th.  I had just stepped out of the shower and there was a knock at the door.  Worker Man and I were getting ready to head out of town for a wedding.  And it's a woman with her sister.  Interested in coming to look.  Right then.

So, I threw on my clothes and they came in and looked around.

They talked to us about how quickly we could get out and told us they would call the next day.  We weren't sure if we'd hear from them.  They seemed serious, but we just weren't sure.  So, sure enough, on Sunday her grandson calls and wants to stop by.  Then on Monday, her husband and son stop by along with the grandson and his family.

Grandpa comes in the kitchen and tells Worker Man he wants to

Worker Man and I are a little in shock as we talk about and the man offers to pay cash, wants to close on the deal the next morning and wants us out by Saturday morning. 

We move the closing back to that Friday and agree to move out by Sunday afternoon.

And we had a deal. of yesterday afternoon at 4 pm, we are homeless.

We are living with Worker Man's parents while we look for a new house.  But seriously, we are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for our next step.  We know that this has to be divine.  We sold our house in three weeks, with no appraisal or inspection, with the man offering cash and closing four days after coming to see the house.   We will definitely keep you posted on what is to come.

But for now, just a little reminiscing...

Goodbye sweet, little first house.