Tuesday, August 3, 2010

look what i found!

We were pulling boxes down from the attic last week as we were packing up and I opened a box with my duvet and curtains from college.  And there, on the very top, 
I found Pinkie!!

I have had this little lamb since I was a newborn and I slept with it every night up until Worker Man and I got married.  I figured continuing to sleep with a stuffed animal after that might be considered a little strange.

But oh my goodness, can I just tell you how excited I was to find Pinkie [who used to be pink - although she's pretty much white now]!

What about you?  
Did you sleep with a blanket or animal growing up?
Do you still have it?


  1. Hi! I found your blog through Meg Lybrand's facebook - random, I know! - but YES I slept with a blanket growing up. It is called "coolie" because one side is always cool :) I still have it but it is folded up in a drawer. Love this post and I'm so happy you found Pinkie! :)

  2. i slept with "blankcy" a yellow gingham blanket but really i should say i sleep "blankcy" because 25 years later its still in my bed. i dont take it on vacation or anything but i do tuck it under my pillow. it looks a little rough but its just all the years of loving it.

  3. kirk bear. still sleep with him. he's just tooooo snuggly :)!

  4. I slept in a bathrobe starting at about age 12. when it finally wore out, I used it as a *blankcy* and was still sleeping with it when I got married. I think I may have quit when I had my first baby. Don't know what ever happened to it. Love your Pinkie!!

  5. um, so I'm glad I'm not the only one... I've had Bun since my great-grandmother gave him to me when I was christened 30 years ago. He used to be fat and yellow, now he *might* be an inch and a half thick because I not only slept with him, but slept ON him for 20+ years... he is faded dirty pale yellow now, and since I took a bath before bed growing up and then would lay directly on his belly like a pillow, his stomach is kinda crusty and gray. and kinda smells like my room growing up. this also totally grosses tyrone out. he doesn't sleep in the bed with me now, but he sits on my nightstand and looks at me. (he sits with a stuffed dog so he has a *friend* - growing up I wouldn't put one stuffed animal on a shelf by itself cause it would get lonely, and...yeah.)so yes, im 30, a mommy, and still have my bun...

  6. For the love of Pete (or Pinky in this case)....find Pinky a permanent shelf and out of the attic! Im go glad you rescued Pinky! I will sleep better knowing Pinky is not in a box in the attic. Shew-law!

    Love ya! ;)

  7. I still sleep with my "Sugar Bear" that my gpa gave me when I was little. I couldn't ever sleep without it, so when I got married I told Will this will be a third in our bed!! I guess he doesn't mind!

  8. Jeanine the bear (previously Buddy Bear - changed when I was around 4 y.o. and decided that my bear should be named after my cousin) now sits atop my dresser after 22 good years of sungglin'. She occasionally comes down when I'm home alone for a bit.