Monday, August 31, 2009


on my way home from work on friday i stopped at bojangles.

my order:

one large sweet tea, an order of seasoned fries and a bo*berry biscuit.

here's your sign worker man, here's your sign.

updated to add: i just got a text from my college roomie asking if i was preggo. this didn't even cross my mind when i wrote this. so for all you who might have thought that, my current condition not only comes with out of control drive-thru runs but also lower back pain, terrible cramps and a bad mood :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


remember this post about jillian and how great she was?
even so great that i wanted to do a giveaway?
well, i was confused.
i don't like her.
really, it's similar to a love-hate relationship.
i love the way i feel more entergetic, the way my stomach starts to tone after a week or so, the way i sleep so much better at night because i'm worn slap out.
but really i think the hate part of the relationship is a little stronger.
she makes me miserable.
the "i dread walking into my living room because she along with my weights sit in my cute little basket taunting me everytime i walk in there" kind of miserable.
the "i roll out of the bed in the mornings because i can't actually stand up to get out of the bed" kinda miserable.
the "i can't actually squat long enough to lower myself onto the toilet so instead i have to kinda fall backwards into a sitting position and hope i land on the seat because my legs hurt so bad" kind of miserable.
and what's worse?
i've converted my mom. she also has a love-hate relationship with jillian michaels.
when we were shopping this weekend she saw this outfit.
{which looks absolutely dreadful in this picture but it wasn't that bad in the store, promise}
she said, "ooohhh i could buy this and then i could even look like jillian michaels."

{they were cropped sweat order to look like jillian she would of course have to only wear the cropped pants and a low cut sports bra.}

she repressed her inner desire to look like jillian and instead headed home to work out with her.

30 seconds in to the workout?

...she remembered that she hates jillian too.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

dorks. total dorks.

worker man decided that he wanted us to buy bikes for his birthday. so last week we went to pick them out. we had seen the one he wanted so we went back to get it and pick one out for me.

{pretty sweet deal for me!}

then, we made our way over to the helmets and picked out just the right color and size. after lots of trying on and swapping around we decided we had picked out the perfect sets.

because we total dorks, we {okay, maybe just me} had to get a picture!

and then on the way to the register worker man decided that this was not what he wanted for his birthday and that he didn't want to get them.

so, after all the excitement of picking them out and riding them around in the store, we walked back to where we had gotten the bikes and put them back {me with my head down, tail between the legs, whimpering all the way}.

at least i got those ridiculous pictures of us pretending to be the proud owners of brand-new, shiny bikes.

and then, because school/office supplies solve every problem, we headed straight for the planners. we both picked one out {we really did need them!} and went home to fill in all the birthdays and upcoming events with sharpie pens.

clearly we were distraught over not getting the bikes.

and like i said earlier -- we are, in fact, complete dorks.

i think i've decided now that the planner was nowhere near as cool as the bike would have been.

so now my tail is back between my legs and my poor, pitiful, puppy dog face might just come out when i bring up the bicycles to worker man again.

let you know if it works.

{hint: don't hold your breath}

Monday, August 24, 2009

i'm always looking for a new place to get a pedicure. i like to try out different ones till i find one that i really like. a lot of times i'll go there a few times and then be ready to try another one.

maybe this is a selling point for some?

i, on the other hand, have no plans of stepping foot in this place.

all i can think of is dumb and dumber.

no, thank you.

p.s. i want all you readers know that i am dedicated. i about wrecked trying to hang out the window and take this picture while i was driving. i hope you feel loved!

happy monday :)

Friday, August 21, 2009


worker man and i {being the stubborn, hard-headed people we are} decided that we were cutting off our internet and cable. the humongous cable/internet/phone company {that will not be mentioned by name} practically has a monopoly and we decided we were fed up with them. our price for cable and internet jumped by like 60% after our one year contract was up and we both thought it was ridiculous.

therefore, with principal in mind, we called and told them that we would just find someone else. they tried to keep us as customers but all of there offers we not even close to what we had been paying. so we cancelled and set out to find a new company.

the problem?

there are no other cable/internet companies that service our area.
they have us right where they want us.

so after three nights of no cable or internet. driving four houses down each night to sit in the driveway of the inlaws and bum their internet. and having blog and royal pains {a fabulous tv show on usa by the way} withdrawals...guess who i called today?

you got it: the humongous cable/internet/phone company, that will not be mentioned by name, but practically has a monopoly.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

a few of my favorite things.

so i always have a few small things that seem to make my day.
currently these are at the top of my list:
  1. {sharpie pens} seriously these are fabulous. they don't bleed and they work great. everytime i use one i smile.
  2. {mcdonald's $1 sweet tea} i love that it comes in a styrofoam cup so it doesn't sweat. i'm not a fan of styrofoam because you can't recycle it but this is my one exception to that rule. plus the fact that i can buy it using change so then it almost seems free :)
  3. {simply lemonade with rasberry} i love all the simply juices. this one is new and i absolutely love it too!

what is on your favorites list?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


i heard about this on the radio yesterday and decided to look it up.

this stylist is choosing to wear the same black dress {except she has two - one to wear one to air} for the entire month of august. she is showing women how to accessorize the little black dress so you have 31 different outfits using the same staple item.

she also tries to encourage you to use what you have to make different outfits. typically you buy new clothes when you want a new look but she says you should use what you've got.

check out her blog about it.

i'm definitely inspired to dig through my wardrobe and see what all i can find. the way i see it, it'll be the best of both worlds. i feel like i have a new outfit and there's no change to the budget :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


worker man has a new obsession.

worker man spent time researching them all online and then we went to the lego store in a nearby mall. he asked one of the ladies who worked there about which construction set he should get.

her question: well, how old is the kid you are wanting to get one for?


when i told him that this little hobby of his might be a waste of money he questioned how many bags/purses i've bought since we've been married.

the answer?

three or four.

but that's over t-h-i-r-t-e-e-n months.

his lego purchases?

two in one week.

and trying to get a third.

this might get out of hand really fast.

Monday, August 17, 2009

we're back and something i'm kinda excited about.


so i guess yall thought i fell off the face of the planet. but i'm back.

worker man and i have been on vacation and we just got back last night. i fully intended to post throughout our vacation but things like the water, our niece EC, board games and food were calling my name.

but, while i was gone i got to start a new blog.

for my photography!

i took some pictures of worker man's sister and her daughter and i wanted to start posting them but i figured it would be best to just start another blog with only photos. it is.

keep in mind that it needs some work. it's a little bland and the header will definitely change but i had to start somewhere :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

self timer.

apparently i have not quite mastered the self-timer.

worker man and i have very few pictures of the two of us. i wanted to try to take a quick picture the other night using the timer but obviously it wasn't as easy as i thought it would be.

here are the pictures we ended up with.

needless to say, we finally just gave up.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

i think i'm in love.

does anyone know what this is??

it is a the beast of vacuum cleaners.

and i'm in love.

{yes, my sister will say "i'm old" since i'm excited about a vacuum cleaner...but i just can't hold back}

it makes me feel like a ghostbuster.

i think i fit right in, don't you??