Sunday, August 2, 2009

i think i'm in love.

does anyone know what this is??

it is a the beast of vacuum cleaners.

and i'm in love.

{yes, my sister will say "i'm old" since i'm excited about a vacuum cleaner...but i just can't hold back}

it makes me feel like a ghostbuster.

i think i fit right in, don't you??


  1. Gostei muito do seu blog! Aguardo uma visita no meu!
    Grande abraço!

  2. ummm...I will leave it to you in my will!!!

  3. i'm not sure what kind it is...tim (that works for ffil) also has a cleaning business. he gave it to them when he bought a new one. it's like an industrial one. pretty fabulous if you ask me :) hope you're doing well!! and your sweet caroline too :)

  4. Hey Girl!!! You should have come over to my table at Red Bowl!!!
    I would have LOVED to meet you. I hope I was using my manners :)

    Have a fantastic week!

  5. haha! You are too cute. You are armed are ready... watch out dirt!

  6. nope. you need the jumpsuit first!! (sorry for that suggestion workerman, but a girl's gotta dress up sometimes!)