Thursday, December 31, 2009

day off.

i have the day off!

and worker man's not here to hog all the new computer time :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


yesterday i had the book, the sacred romance sitting on my desk.

the dean of my department walked into my office and just started talking about the book, the authors, the author's wife's books [who wrote captivating] and all about some great christian books that she has read lately. 

later in the day we talked about another book, what's so amazing about grace by philip yancey.  i was telling her that my sister-in-law recommended it and she said that she was going to go buy it tonight.

seriously, such an awesome thing to learn about her.


Monday, December 21, 2009


today is my college roommate's birthday.

she is wonderful and amazing and i just wanted to highlight some of the last few years :)

just to give you an idea before we start, i have about one picture out of 100 where both of us are smiling and being semi-normal [as close as we can get].

over the last five years there have been many:

 concerts in the car...

many afternoons spent in cameron and joe's dorm room. watching joe play ddr, watching 24 or falling asleep....

banana songs in the grocery store...

being commencement marshals and getting up at an insane hour of the morning...
[after using the deluxe owen showers]

plenty of 'club sidewalks' - a term we coined describing the act of blaring the music in your car and jumping out of the car and having a full blown dance party on the sidewalk.  regardless of who was watching and what time of day/night.

lots of late night beach trips.  two hour drives at two in the morning just to wiggle our toes in the sand and splash in the waves.

even in february...

tons of photographic moments...

80s parties...always so much fun [apparently missed the memo to leave my double chin at home...oh that more than double???  let's not talk about it...k, thanks].

and tons of nights just being stupid.  going ice skating, to the movies, shopping, making cookies, rolling down the hall [don't ask], playing dress up [again, don't ask]...and just loving every second of college.

seriously, college would not have been the same without her. 
we always had a blast and she will forever be a best friend.

love you kcl....hope your birthday is wonderful and amazing!

o christmas tree.

a couple weekends ago ken, barbie, worker man and i went to get our christmas trees.

we spent the night at my parent's house on friday night and then went to hillsville, va to get our tree.  it snowed all day saturday.  seriously, it was wonderful.

as soon as we got there, barbie discovered that her boots might not work so well in the snow.

and i discovered that dandruff is not my look...

neither is opening my mouth that wide.

the guys felt like it was necessary to mark their territory.
i know, that's gross....but i had to document it.

look how gorgeous!

here's worker man with what we thought was going to be our tree.

no, he was not a cheerleader - although he's got great form with his 'hands on hips' pose.

here are the guys with our tree. 
it was freezing.  thus, the reason they look frozen in that position.

and oh the joy of a porta potty.
as you can tell, barbie was so excited she could hardly stand it.

we had such a good time.

i'm thinking this might just become a tradition!

Friday, December 18, 2009

three generations.

two of my favorite women [mom and grandma] came to spend the night with us this past weekend.  we had a lazy saturday morning drinking coffee and just hanging out and then we went christmas shopping.

we had such a wonderful time.

seriously, i could not ask for a more wonderful family.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

freezer usage.

one night last week worker man and i spent the night with my parents.

while there, my dad asked me to come downstairs because he had something he needed to show me.

in the freezer.

yes, they lock their freezer door.

no, there are no dead bodies in there.

welllll, on second thought.
maybe we do store bodies.

or at least heads.

the big reveal.

umm...gross...i know.

you may have thought that this freezer was specific to holding hunted game but oh no, upon further inspection you can see that this is the overflow freezer.

yes, those are weight watchers icecream bars [sooo good], smart ones and pet vanilla icecream.

dad just stores deer heads in there when apparently the taxidermist has had surgery and he doesn't want it to spoil [gross again, i know] before getting the antlers or the head mounted.

i'd say that hunter is pretty excited. 
 wouldn't you?

and no, my mom still has not gotten used to these kinds of things.

even after 28 years.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

tour of homes.

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

so, in typical fashion, i'm late to the nester's christmas tour of homes.

but better late than never, right?

here are the pictures of our house:

our mantle.

check out my post about the wreath i made.

this is sitting on the coffee table.
hopefully later this week i'll be fixin' this up a little.
i'll show you how if when i do it.

here are the blocks i [with my daddy and worker man's help] made above the kitchen sink.

i love these little snowmen.   i got them last year like 90% off!
[please ignore the ginger ale can]

i made this nutcracker last year and still love it.            this poinsettia is on my kitchen table.

i put this little tree in the bathroom.  i put battery operated lights on it and i love it.  by far one of my favorite new things this year.  i just used left over fabric from my cinnamon honey butter to make a tree skirt.

our christmas tree.

we went to pick out our tree at a tree farm this year and of course we had a griswold moment.
when we got it home, worker man cut the strings off and all he could say was:

"little full, llllotttt a sap"

at least we didn't bust out any windows.

we also haven't killed the cat or caught uncle lewis' toupee on fire.

well, we don't have a cat or an uncle lewis.

thank goodness.

and of course, the best for last.  the whole reason for all of this.
the nativity scene from peru. 
i bought these for my mom and a couple other people when i was living in peru and didn't buy myself one.  i wasn't thinking i'd have a house to decorate for a long time. 
didn't know it would be quiiiteee so soon :)

but, mom is sweet enough to let me borrow hers.

especially since she has the willow tree nativity scene that i'm super jealous of!

hope you enjoyed the tour!

Friday, December 11, 2009

hostess with the mostess.

i read this post about being a good hostess so i've been dying to make a basket for my next guest.

well, this weekend my mom and grandma are coming to go christmas shopping and here's what i laid out for them.

the basket has lotion, a pedicure kit, and a loofah for both of them.  then there is candy [york peppermint patties, rolos, mentos, orbit gum].

i'm so excited :)

now, if only i could get a new comforter.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


i think worker man found a new profession tonight.

i almost lost my foot 

[well, close enough]. 

and worker man totally handled it.

check out his skillz [yes, i just used the word skillz...yes, with a z -- that's how good he was].

i'm still limping and believe me, i plan to milk it for all it's worth.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


note to self:

when your forehead...

...looks like a connect the dots board....

probably shouldn't....

wear your hair pulled back.

lesson learned.

updated to add:  i did this post last night. but when i looked at it this morning i realized two things.  number one, i do not...i repeat i do not wear black eye shadow. promise.  i was using my camera on my mac and it does weird shadow things.  and number two, i had just gotten done working out.  i wore my hair like that to work but i forgot to take pictures before i worked out.  that is the reason for it looking so scraggly.  well, at least i hope that's the reason it looks so bad.