Wednesday, December 16, 2009

tour of homes.

Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

so, in typical fashion, i'm late to the nester's christmas tour of homes.

but better late than never, right?

here are the pictures of our house:

our mantle.

check out my post about the wreath i made.

this is sitting on the coffee table.
hopefully later this week i'll be fixin' this up a little.
i'll show you how if when i do it.

here are the blocks i [with my daddy and worker man's help] made above the kitchen sink.

i love these little snowmen.   i got them last year like 90% off!
[please ignore the ginger ale can]

i made this nutcracker last year and still love it.            this poinsettia is on my kitchen table.

i put this little tree in the bathroom.  i put battery operated lights on it and i love it.  by far one of my favorite new things this year.  i just used left over fabric from my cinnamon honey butter to make a tree skirt.

our christmas tree.

we went to pick out our tree at a tree farm this year and of course we had a griswold moment.
when we got it home, worker man cut the strings off and all he could say was:

"little full, llllotttt a sap"

at least we didn't bust out any windows.

we also haven't killed the cat or caught uncle lewis' toupee on fire.

well, we don't have a cat or an uncle lewis.

thank goodness.

and of course, the best for last.  the whole reason for all of this.
the nativity scene from peru. 
i bought these for my mom and a couple other people when i was living in peru and didn't buy myself one.  i wasn't thinking i'd have a house to decorate for a long time. 
didn't know it would be quiiiteee so soon :)

but, mom is sweet enough to let me borrow hers.

especially since she has the willow tree nativity scene that i'm super jealous of!

hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. Your house is lovely! I love the mantel and blocks you made! Very cute!
    This tour is sooo fun!
    Summer :0)

  2. Cute snowmen and such an adorable nativity set!

  3. Everything looks GREAT!! Love the blocks!! Proud of you!

  4. LOVE it all! Ahh, I want a mantel!!! Maybe I'll just make the wreath and save it.

  5. Everything is beautiful, just like you and Jordon! I Love You!

  6. Very pretty Christmas decorations! I love the snow cute is that!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. I really like your little snowmen and your tree and presents are beautiful! Kelly

  8. Just goreous! Love it. I need to blog my world. yikes! Not together this year... not together. Oh well... Next year!