Friday, October 30, 2009

inbox overload.

i had to help my dad with something earlier today which required me to sign in to his e-mail account.  i would just like to point out a few things from the photograph below.

  1. please take note of the number of unread messages in his inbox.  seriously, i could not handle that.
  2. also note that his e-mail address starts with bass
  3. and lastly, also notice the subject lines for the majority of the e-mails in his inbox.

{i fuzzied any info that might be incriminating - just's info that had full names and such}
[click on the photo to enlarge it]

moral to the story:

i think he's addicted.  to craigslist, ebay and any hunting/fishing website.

i told you he was country.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

pumpkin crunch dessert.

on tuesday night we had supper with barbie and ken at their house.

ken made clam chowder and i offered to fix a dessert.  i decided to make pumpkin crunch.  my aunt penny had made it and had it at work the day she cut my hair.  i tried it and loved it.  so, i made it on tuesday night.

let me just tell you.
super simple.
super delicious.

unless you're worker man or ken - because "they don't like pumpkinnnn" [in a super whiney voice]. 

so heather and i ate one piece each and then we had the rest left over.  well, we can't leave something like that at home because i will eat it all [and worker man will help if he likes it].  so, i took it with me to work the next day and everyone loved it.

here's the recipe:

  • 1 16oz. can of pumpkin
  • 1/2 c. sugar
  • 1 c. milk
  • 3 eggs
  • cinnamon or nutmeg [optional]
  • 1 box yellow cake mix
  • 2 sticks melted butter
  • 1 c. pecans
  • cream cheese [softened]
  • cool whip
  • 1 3/4 c. powdered sugar
  1. preheat oven to 350 and grease a 9x13 dish
  2. combine pumpkin, milk, sugar, eggs and cinnamon [or nutmeg...or neither] and spread into dish
  3. sprinke yellow cake mix all over the top
  4. pour melted butter over cake mix
  5. sprinkle pecans on top
  6. bake at 350 for 1 hour
  7. blend cream cheese, cool whip and powdered sugar for topping
  8. once cooled [ahem...i made the mistake of not waiting...i do that often] spread topping
i didn't say it was super healthy.
just super simple.
and super delicious.

you should definitely try it :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

one word.

fmil tagged me to answer all these questions using one word.
here are the instructions:
one word answers
tag 6 of your favorite bloggers
and alert them that i have given them this award.

1. Where is your cell phone? dresser

2. Your hair? cut

3. Your mother? fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants [it's considered one word if it has dashes, right? and ps. that's a compliment]

4. Your father? country

5. Your favorite food? sushi

6. Your dream last night? strange

7. Your favorite drink? water

8. Your dream/goal? mother

9. What room are you in? bedroom

10. Your hobby? exercising

11. Your fear? loss

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? home

13. Where were you last night? bonfire

14. Something that you aren’t? perfect  [i was going to say funny...because apparently i've lost that]

15. Muffins? banana

16. Wish list item? suburban

17. Where did you grow up? country

18. Last thing you did? hygiene

19. What are you wearing? diamond

20. Your TV? lightman

21. Your pets? none

22. Friends? encouraging

23. Your life? blessed

24. Your mood? sleepy

25. Missing someone? mema

26. Vehicle? accord

27. Something you’re not wearing? shoes

28. Your favorite store? rei

29. Your favorite color? orange

30. When was the last time you laughed? now

31. Last time you cried? saturday

32. Your best friend? husband

33. One place that I go to over and over? gym

34. One person who emails me regularly? fmil

35. Favorite place to eat? ffil

if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged :)

Monday, October 26, 2009


today i was sitting in my office and kate [a coworker - with fabulous taste...i must say] walked by.  all the sudden i hear her say "oh nooo, are you serious?"

and she walks in to show me that we are twins.
like for real.
exact same dress [on sale at old navy] and black boots.

i think everyone else at the office was super jealous.


so i had an epiphany about why i've been m.i.a recently.

i'm running out of deans to pour my heart out and to leave my goods with.

i haven't done anything stupid in front of any of them lately.

i'll be back later tonight. 


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


just got this e-mail from my sister.

sl, sorry i couldn't be your entertainment today.
i'll get right on that.

Friday, October 16, 2009


on the way to work one morning this week my mom called me.
she, also, was on her way to work.

now before i continue with this little story, you have to know a few facts about my mom.
it would be safe to say that she is a multi-tasker.

one example of her multi-tasker-ness is that she never takes her makeup bag out of the car. so every morning she puts her makeup on in the car.  it's not like she is running late ocassionally and puts her makeup on while driving.  it's every morning.

another fact about my mom is that she has a little cabrio convertible that she drives most days.  have you ever ridden in one of these?  they are small. and not very user-friendly.  for example, the cup holders are in terrible places - therefore when you have a drink you have to wedge it in between the emergency break and the side of your seat because you can't fit a drink into the cupholder.  oh yeah, and it's a 5-speed.

she [along with the rest of my family] live in the middle of nowhere.  so in order to get to someplace you have to ride along windy roads to get there.

and lastly, she like to have her morning coffee.

so anyways, she called me and during our conversation she all of the sudden bursts out laughing.

of course i'm curious and she explains to me that she has just dropped her moisturizer into her coffee.

so, this currently means that she is [1] driving her stick-shift cabrio on a curvy, winding road [translation: lots of changing gears],  [2]  while trying to keep her coffee cup [without a lid] from falling over while it is crammed in between the emergency break and her seat,  [3]  while {attempting} to put on her makeup, and  [4] talk on the phone with me.

so now she is stuck without her moisturizer [because the entire bottle has fallen into her coffee cup] and can't stick her hand in to get it because it's too hot and she wants to drink her coffee.  so she's waiting to let it cool, so she can drink it down far enough to get to the bottle of moisturizer, so she can continue putting on her makeup and not have a really dry face.

but does she tell me that she needs to go because there is a lot going on?

nah, we just keep talking like everything is normal.

and that, my friends, is just a day in the life of my wonderful, crazy, multi-taskin' mother.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


last night worker man and i went to eat with his parents.

we live in a relatively small city and worker man's dad always knows and talks to at least six people every time we go out to eat. or go to walmart.  or anywhere really.

well, i know no one.  we've lived here for a over a year and i've been able to go to the grocery store on saturday mornings with my hair on the side of my head, mismatched pajamas and rain boots and it didn't matter because i don't know anyone.  you don't have to worry about matching, much less makeup.

we'll last night while we were eating, someone walked by from our church and he said hello to me.

ffil gave me a surprised look.

and all i could say [rather loudly, while bouncing around on the booth] was:

i know somebody!!

not that he will ever acknowledge me again in public for fear that i'll scream out something ridiculous again.

oh well, i knew somebody.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

they done got hitched.

barbie and ken got married on october 3rd!

here are the pictures i got from their big day:

barbie's mom and brother.

i only got pictures of some of the bridesmaids and groomsmen walking down the aisle.
but here they are:

jake and stephanie.

michelle and mark (ken's stepdad).

amelia and kyle.

erin and worker man.


two of the flower girls.


barbie has babysat her and her younger sister forever.  right before they got ready to go out, charlie started sobbing.  barbie sat down and talked to her for a few minutes.  then, when barbie walked down the aisle, charlie started crying again.
so sweet.

one of my favorite parts of a wedding is to watch the groom when he sees his bride for the first time.  apparently his dad wanted to see his face as well.  

[i know ken's eyes look kinda funky, but i had to put this one on here]

he may have even gotten a little teary-eyed.

i'm just sayin....

and now for the bride.

these next three are some of my favorites.

the bride and her dad.

such a sweet moment.

i feel like this portrays that moment perfectly.
the bride so thrilled.
the father so proud, yet holding back tears.

the ceremony.

i don't think haley enjoyed this part so much :)

and now i present to you mr. and mrs. ken.

their first dance:

my husband.
typical worker man.

two of the most fabulous gals.
just singing a little song.

barbie and the bridesmaids learned the "party in the usa" because the flower girls wanted to.  they all did the dance during the reception.  so cute.  the little girls were in heaven.  [that's a good babysitter if you ask me] 

i had to include this picture.  
barbie and ken will be excited about it, i'm sure ;)

more dancing.

the groom and grandma breakin' it down.
this was a rap song if i call correctly.
believe me when i say, grandma can get down.

and lastly worker man and his best friend.

we are so excited for yall's new life together!
can't wait for all the memories we'll continue to make together :)

Monday, October 12, 2009


all our fall stuff is finally put together.
last year we went and picked out clothes from goodwill for our scarecrow outfits and made our first scarecrows - so this year we made our scarecrows again.

just a little disclaimer:  worker man totally stole the outfit i picked out.  so that means he already has an advantage.  number two, i lost my head.  so this year i had to make a head out of worker man's shirt.  it still needs quite a bit of work.

hey, don't judge.

anywhoo, here are the pictures of our scarecrow construction and the rest of our fall decor :)

worker man gets serious during this little project.
well, either serious...or just ready to get it over with.
i'll stick with serious, thankyouverymuch.

pimpin' with his scarecrow.

getting it just right

this is what our front porch looked like for the first week.
i still couldn't find my head.

so, i had to get creative resourceful.

again, don't judge.
a little rough i know.

but i think it might be the way it stays this year.  i kept thinking i'd go back and fix it or redo it or something but with only like a month and a half left, i think i'll cut my losses and stick with this ridiculously ugly, big headed scarecrow.

i'm pretty excited about it!
except my mums are already dying.
it's pitiful actually.
i can't keep something green alive to
it's a fault.
i'm not sure it will ever change, no matter how much a fight it.

okay, now that i'm depressed, on to the rest of the fall stuff at our house.

i bought this small wreath to go on our side door this year.

and here's our wreath from last year that ffil bought me as a suprise. i love it hanging on my front door!

here's the centerpiece on our table.

i was so excited to find these placemats!
worker man was not such a huge fan.
especially since they came out of our grocery budget.
but i totally justifed it - they still have to do with food, right?
okay, don't answer that.

i found these little pumpkins at the dollar spot in target.  they were $2.50 per pumpkin.
i really wanted the pumpkins from pottery barn or hobby lobby but i'll take $7.50 for three over $50 anyday.
[when i was still debating about whether i liked those or still wanted the hobby lobby ones, worker man informed me that i could learn to love these...ahem]

and lastly, this little guy at our fireplace.
i love him!

have i mentioned that i love fall?

Friday, October 9, 2009


sorry for the delay!
the winner of the keychain is:

True Random Number Generator:

Min: 1

Max: 12

Result: 4

Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Renee !!
I'll get it to you - hopefully Monday :)

Happy Friday Y'all!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


i found a recipe online for homemade, cream cheese sugar cookies.
they looked great!
so this past saturday i made the dough and on sunday night i took the dough to fmil's house and made the cookies after supper.

i got to use this beast. 
i'm in love :)

worker man helped put the icing on the cookies.

so did fmil.

didn't they turn out cute?!?

well bad news.
worker man took one bite and declared them to be the worst cookies he had ever put in his mouth.

pretty much, i think you could have swallowed a tablespoon of flour and been just as good.

so, needless to say, i'm sticking to pillsbury from now on.

Monday, October 5, 2009


i followed this tutorial and made a key chain for myself that i have absolutely loved!

so...i decided to make one to give away to one of you!

please know that i'm a beginner when it comes to sewing.
so it's kinda like doing your nails, if you look from far away or if you shake it a little, it looks great.
but if you look close - there are some mistakes.

regardless, i think you will enjoy it!

so, here's the deal, leave a comment telling me your favorite recipe.

[just the name of it is fine, or details are good too :) ]
random, i know. 
i'd just like to hear about some new recipes.

anywhoo, i'll draw friday morning so make sure you leave me a comment with your favorite recipe by then.