Thursday, October 15, 2009


last night worker man and i went to eat with his parents.

we live in a relatively small city and worker man's dad always knows and talks to at least six people every time we go out to eat. or go to walmart.  or anywhere really.

well, i know no one.  we've lived here for a over a year and i've been able to go to the grocery store on saturday mornings with my hair on the side of my head, mismatched pajamas and rain boots and it didn't matter because i don't know anyone.  you don't have to worry about matching, much less makeup.

we'll last night while we were eating, someone walked by from our church and he said hello to me.

ffil gave me a surprised look.

and all i could say [rather loudly, while bouncing around on the booth] was:

i know somebody!!

not that he will ever acknowledge me again in public for fear that i'll scream out something ridiculous again.

oh well, i knew somebody.


  1. This was WAY funnier in person than on this blog!!! Funny! Funny!

  2. Its such a nice feeling when the little fish get recognized while swimming among the Titans of the sea! :)