Friday, October 16, 2009


on the way to work one morning this week my mom called me.
she, also, was on her way to work.

now before i continue with this little story, you have to know a few facts about my mom.
it would be safe to say that she is a multi-tasker.

one example of her multi-tasker-ness is that she never takes her makeup bag out of the car. so every morning she puts her makeup on in the car.  it's not like she is running late ocassionally and puts her makeup on while driving.  it's every morning.

another fact about my mom is that she has a little cabrio convertible that she drives most days.  have you ever ridden in one of these?  they are small. and not very user-friendly.  for example, the cup holders are in terrible places - therefore when you have a drink you have to wedge it in between the emergency break and the side of your seat because you can't fit a drink into the cupholder.  oh yeah, and it's a 5-speed.

she [along with the rest of my family] live in the middle of nowhere.  so in order to get to someplace you have to ride along windy roads to get there.

and lastly, she like to have her morning coffee.

so anyways, she called me and during our conversation she all of the sudden bursts out laughing.

of course i'm curious and she explains to me that she has just dropped her moisturizer into her coffee.

so, this currently means that she is [1] driving her stick-shift cabrio on a curvy, winding road [translation: lots of changing gears],  [2]  while trying to keep her coffee cup [without a lid] from falling over while it is crammed in between the emergency break and her seat,  [3]  while {attempting} to put on her makeup, and  [4] talk on the phone with me.

so now she is stuck without her moisturizer [because the entire bottle has fallen into her coffee cup] and can't stick her hand in to get it because it's too hot and she wants to drink her coffee.  so she's waiting to let it cool, so she can drink it down far enough to get to the bottle of moisturizer, so she can continue putting on her makeup and not have a really dry face.

but does she tell me that she needs to go because there is a lot going on?

nah, we just keep talking like everything is normal.

and that, my friends, is just a day in the life of my wonderful, crazy, multi-taskin' mother.


  1. ...and I though I was the queen of multi tasking!!!!!!!!

  2. she was telling me about this at the homecoming parade and we were cracking up..... She said actually got to work and decided to pour her coffee into a 'recycled mcd cup' (and for the record I didnt even question that comment.. because she acted like everyone recycled McDs cups...I just nodded like I knew exactly what she was talking about....and I truly didnt)..ANYWAYS.... she said had completely forgotten that her moisturizer was still in there until it splashed back into her mcd cup..... it was so funny just listening to her...

    PS... I saw her one morning....driving....talking on the cell phone AND putting on mascara. She was talking and laughing so hard..with her face in the rearview mirror while she applying makeup... i guess she drives with her knees.....but i really know know how she changes the gears. I would have already gouged out both eyes had I tried to attempt such craziness! She's a Maniac!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that you won my giveaway!! Email me your mailing info so I can get you your prize pack - de5181 (at) aol. Congrats!
    By the way, anyone who can drive a stick and do anything else amazes me!

  4. oh dear, you come by it honestly!

    and yes. dinner/shopping/hanging out would be perfect =)