Monday, October 12, 2009


all our fall stuff is finally put together.
last year we went and picked out clothes from goodwill for our scarecrow outfits and made our first scarecrows - so this year we made our scarecrows again.

just a little disclaimer:  worker man totally stole the outfit i picked out.  so that means he already has an advantage.  number two, i lost my head.  so this year i had to make a head out of worker man's shirt.  it still needs quite a bit of work.

hey, don't judge.

anywhoo, here are the pictures of our scarecrow construction and the rest of our fall decor :)

worker man gets serious during this little project.
well, either serious...or just ready to get it over with.
i'll stick with serious, thankyouverymuch.

pimpin' with his scarecrow.

getting it just right

this is what our front porch looked like for the first week.
i still couldn't find my head.

so, i had to get creative resourceful.

again, don't judge.
a little rough i know.

but i think it might be the way it stays this year.  i kept thinking i'd go back and fix it or redo it or something but with only like a month and a half left, i think i'll cut my losses and stick with this ridiculously ugly, big headed scarecrow.

i'm pretty excited about it!
except my mums are already dying.
it's pitiful actually.
i can't keep something green alive to
it's a fault.
i'm not sure it will ever change, no matter how much a fight it.

okay, now that i'm depressed, on to the rest of the fall stuff at our house.

i bought this small wreath to go on our side door this year.

and here's our wreath from last year that ffil bought me as a suprise. i love it hanging on my front door!

here's the centerpiece on our table.

i was so excited to find these placemats!
worker man was not such a huge fan.
especially since they came out of our grocery budget.
but i totally justifed it - they still have to do with food, right?
okay, don't answer that.

i found these little pumpkins at the dollar spot in target.  they were $2.50 per pumpkin.
i really wanted the pumpkins from pottery barn or hobby lobby but i'll take $7.50 for three over $50 anyday.
[when i was still debating about whether i liked those or still wanted the hobby lobby ones, worker man informed me that i could learn to love these...ahem]

and lastly, this little guy at our fireplace.
i love him!

have i mentioned that i love fall?


  1. Wow........that's a lot of deco right there....Im impressed! It looks great!!!! It's my favorite time of year...and all i have is a losey brown table cloth that if you look closely you can see the outline of fall leaves.... and it has stayed on the table for the past year...but dont tell anyone! Maybe some day I'll do better about decorating..... Christmas is usually the only time I attempt to deck any of my halls....maybe someday!

  2. I love those Target pumpkins and am mad I didn't see them at my store!

  3. I love those wreaths. I have my eye on a few at hobby lobby, but they are so darn expensive!

  4. cute cute cute! someone should invite me over to see it in person...just sayin

  5. PS....when i look at the white head on the poor scarecrow ....for some sick reason unknown to me...i think it's Scarecrow 'Jason'...ya know....Jason from the Halloween movies! I get nervous! ;)

  6. Love your scarecrows. All your decorations look so nice. Enjoy!

  7. I like your scarecrow the best! It is the cutest! You did a wonderful job...everything looks great! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week! -April