Monday, December 21, 2009


today is my college roommate's birthday.

she is wonderful and amazing and i just wanted to highlight some of the last few years :)

just to give you an idea before we start, i have about one picture out of 100 where both of us are smiling and being semi-normal [as close as we can get].

over the last five years there have been many:

 concerts in the car...

many afternoons spent in cameron and joe's dorm room. watching joe play ddr, watching 24 or falling asleep....

banana songs in the grocery store...

being commencement marshals and getting up at an insane hour of the morning...
[after using the deluxe owen showers]

plenty of 'club sidewalks' - a term we coined describing the act of blaring the music in your car and jumping out of the car and having a full blown dance party on the sidewalk.  regardless of who was watching and what time of day/night.

lots of late night beach trips.  two hour drives at two in the morning just to wiggle our toes in the sand and splash in the waves.

even in february...

tons of photographic moments...

80s parties...always so much fun [apparently missed the memo to leave my double chin at home...oh that more than double???  let's not talk about it...k, thanks].

and tons of nights just being stupid.  going ice skating, to the movies, shopping, making cookies, rolling down the hall [don't ask], playing dress up [again, don't ask]...and just loving every second of college.

seriously, college would not have been the same without her. 
we always had a blast and she will forever be a best friend.

love you kcl....hope your birthday is wonderful and amazing!


  1. thanks for the wonderful birthday e-present! i had a fabulous day and will post pictures of the new do tonight!!

    love you :)