Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Wedding Party/Flowers

worker Man and i got married last june.

this ended up being one of my favorite pictures!

my bridesmaids dresses came from j.crew and i really wanted them to have pretty, light, dresses but also practical dresses that they could wear again and again throughout the summer. the only thing i regret is not buying one for myself!

my favorite flower is a gerbera daisy. we used red, yellow and orage gerbera dasies. i love love love them :)
these are all my cousins (plus my brother and sister). all the guys were ushers in the wedding. (my sister and girl cousin were bridesmaids and my brother was a groomsman). we have all grown up living within a two mile radius of one another so they are all so important to me. we really wanted them to be a part of our wedding (unfortunately that also meant a ton of manual labor with loading and unloading and setting up everything...but they were all troopers).

this was one of my favorite decorations. after the ceremony everyone walked through this area to get to the reception. we used clothes pins to hang pictures of worker man and i. some were pictures of us together and then there were a lot of us growing up and with our families.

and then a normal picture. this is definitely not a good representation of us. the top picture shows our personality a lot more but i figured yall might appreciate a normal one :)

it was all over so so fast!
as soon as we left i was ready to do it all over again!
worker man didn't quite feel the same way.


  1. I was so hoping you would join Kelly's picture posts glad you did!! Love all the pictures you chose. Your wedding was beautiful! Such great memories!

  2. It is a rainy day here in La and I have enjoyed some blog reading....Loved your pictures and your wedding was beautiful.

    So glad I stopped by

  3. These are beautiful! If I could do it all over again (not that I want to get married again, but the planning the ceremony ... ramble ramble) I would SO use gerber daisies in those colors. LOVE it!

    Since I WON'T be getting married again (because I'm madly in love with my man), I will save the idea of the pictures on the line for my daughters' weddings :)

  4. beautiful! love the clothesline--what a fun idea!

  5. Rumor on the streets... This wedding was so spectacular that it made the latest edition of The Bride's Book Magazine

    Just look ... starting page 69 for the social event of Summer 2008.

    I'm honored to have made the guest list! :)

    Love ya'll...and it was without a doubt...spectacular!