Thursday, August 20, 2009

a few of my favorite things.

so i always have a few small things that seem to make my day.
currently these are at the top of my list:
  1. {sharpie pens} seriously these are fabulous. they don't bleed and they work great. everytime i use one i smile.
  2. {mcdonald's $1 sweet tea} i love that it comes in a styrofoam cup so it doesn't sweat. i'm not a fan of styrofoam because you can't recycle it but this is my one exception to that rule. plus the fact that i can buy it using change so then it almost seems free :)
  3. {simply lemonade with rasberry} i love all the simply juices. this one is new and i absolutely love it too!

what is on your favorites list?


  1. Can I say Diet Coke even if I am on Day 4 of not one single swallow???!!!

    Diet Coke (I said it anyway)
    Anything Maple or Coconut
    Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts with Icing

    In the NON food dept...

    A PaperMate sharp writer pencil
    Target Gift Cards

    This list could go on and on. I haven't tried the Simply lemonade w/Raspberry but I love all their juices, so I am sure I will love that one too!

  2. ~Diet Dr. Pepper with crushed ice.... and I too like styroform cups for the exact same reason however I get frowned upon by 2Shaye.

    ~getting out of the salt mines early

    ~freshly made bed with crisp, cold sheets

    ~a faint whiff of ...hmmm of just plain clean (nothing fancy...just his soap)... as Doug walks past after his shower (hard to describe but probably my all time favorites 'things')


  3. ** Hickory Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce (I use it on just about every dinner and currently have 4 bottles of it going in my fridge...)

    ** "Make Mine Mango" Revlon nail polish ('Crakas used to scold me for using nail polish that was too dark, so I went for the other end of the spectrum)

    ** Post-it Notes (totally makes the mountain of papers in my in-box much more fun to handle)

    I think I'm ready to start my own blog...this is just way too exciting for morning break time!

  4. Thanks for coming by my blog, we do the EXACT same thing you described in your comment about going to bed angry. Drives me nuts too but sometimes you just can't resolve it right away...oh well. So I've been searching for those Sharpie pens EVERYWHERE since I started seeing the commercials, where did you find them???

  5. the simply ras is awesome! we drink that kind of OJ and i bought it a few weeks ago! and i love it too! haven't bought the sharpy pens yet but i love a sharpy so ill have to get them soon!

  6. Your blog made me smile today. I linked it from momtog. So my favorite things would have to be:
    My brown leather Merrell sandles cause i got em for half price this summer and they are crazy comfy
    Hazelnut coffee creamer cause I've had it almost every day with my coffee for 15 years (minus 18 mo or so for pregnancy reasons ehem)
    & My 24-70mm lens because it's fab and I had to save up to get!
    Thanks for the fun game. I don't know you but I just wanted to join in the fun! Take care...P.S. I make my own sweet tea. Lipton makes a cold tea bag version and you get cold ice tea in minutes!!!!