Monday, August 17, 2009

we're back and something i'm kinda excited about.


so i guess yall thought i fell off the face of the planet. but i'm back.

worker man and i have been on vacation and we just got back last night. i fully intended to post throughout our vacation but things like the water, our niece EC, board games and food were calling my name.

but, while i was gone i got to start a new blog.

for my photography!

i took some pictures of worker man's sister and her daughter and i wanted to start posting them but i figured it would be best to just start another blog with only photos. it is.

keep in mind that it needs some work. it's a little bland and the header will definitely change but i had to start somewhere :)


  1. hi jenny! i just checked out your photo blog. i left you a comment there, but just wanted to tell you that i love that pic of you with a camera when you were little and how it looks retro. are we getting old when pics of us look retro!?!?! nah!!!

  2. Love it! and im glad you're were gone WAY too long!