Tuesday, August 25, 2009

dorks. total dorks.

worker man decided that he wanted us to buy bikes for his birthday. so last week we went to pick them out. we had seen the one he wanted so we went back to get it and pick one out for me.

{pretty sweet deal for me!}

then, we made our way over to the helmets and picked out just the right color and size. after lots of trying on and swapping around we decided we had picked out the perfect sets.

because we total dorks, we {okay, maybe just me} had to get a picture!

and then on the way to the register worker man decided that this was not what he wanted for his birthday and that he didn't want to get them.

so, after all the excitement of picking them out and riding them around in the store, we walked back to where we had gotten the bikes and put them back {me with my head down, tail between the legs, whimpering all the way}.

at least i got those ridiculous pictures of us pretending to be the proud owners of brand-new, shiny bikes.

and then, because school/office supplies solve every problem, we headed straight for the planners. we both picked one out {we really did need them!} and went home to fill in all the birthdays and upcoming events with sharpie pens.

clearly we were distraught over not getting the bikes.

and like i said earlier -- we are, in fact, complete dorks.

i think i've decided now that the planner was nowhere near as cool as the bike would have been.

so now my tail is back between my legs and my poor, pitiful, puppy dog face might just come out when i bring up the bicycles to worker man again.

let you know if it works.

{hint: don't hold your breath}


  1. What in the world??? Why did he decide RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the store not to get them? What a bummer!!!!

  2. This is confusing ..... on many different levels!

    From bikes to planners.... maybe you should enter 'Buy Bikes and helmets today' on one of his calendar days...if its on the have to do it right? ???

  3. This story reminds of a little moment in our hometown where my husband was forced (by me) to wear a bicycle helment b/c I didn't want our neighbors (Andrew and Sarah) to see him riding without one. (Role models you know!) Then this SUV drives by, with windows down, and all we hear is laughter...his self esteem is still ruined to this day. And this just brought it all back to him...LOLOLOLOLOL!