Wednesday, August 26, 2009


remember this post about jillian and how great she was?
even so great that i wanted to do a giveaway?
well, i was confused.
i don't like her.
really, it's similar to a love-hate relationship.
i love the way i feel more entergetic, the way my stomach starts to tone after a week or so, the way i sleep so much better at night because i'm worn slap out.
but really i think the hate part of the relationship is a little stronger.
she makes me miserable.
the "i dread walking into my living room because she along with my weights sit in my cute little basket taunting me everytime i walk in there" kind of miserable.
the "i roll out of the bed in the mornings because i can't actually stand up to get out of the bed" kinda miserable.
the "i can't actually squat long enough to lower myself onto the toilet so instead i have to kinda fall backwards into a sitting position and hope i land on the seat because my legs hurt so bad" kind of miserable.
and what's worse?
i've converted my mom. she also has a love-hate relationship with jillian michaels.
when we were shopping this weekend she saw this outfit.
{which looks absolutely dreadful in this picture but it wasn't that bad in the store, promise}
she said, "ooohhh i could buy this and then i could even look like jillian michaels."

{they were cropped sweat order to look like jillian she would of course have to only wear the cropped pants and a low cut sports bra.}

she repressed her inner desire to look like jillian and instead headed home to work out with her.

30 seconds in to the workout?

...she remembered that she hates jillian too.


  1. i would like to recommend a 12-step program... I think you would greatly benefit!


  2. I want to join the Hate Jillian Club.....she makes me hurt. All Over.

  3. And thanks to YOU, I now have a love/hate relationship with her too. I'm such a sucker though, I completed it once and have now gone back for seconds. What's wrong with me?!

  4. Haha! Are you doing the 30 day shred video?
    I have a love/hate relationship with Jill and the video. That's right we are on a nickname basis now!