Monday, August 31, 2009


on my way home from work on friday i stopped at bojangles.

my order:

one large sweet tea, an order of seasoned fries and a bo*berry biscuit.

here's your sign worker man, here's your sign.

updated to add: i just got a text from my college roomie asking if i was preggo. this didn't even cross my mind when i wrote this. so for all you who might have thought that, my current condition not only comes with out of control drive-thru runs but also lower back pain, terrible cramps and a bad mood :)


  1. I think the TITLE (Foreshadowing) says it all!

  2. Wait until after tomorrow night...........

  3. Updated to add: I meant wait until after tomorrow night to start your diet. The other never crossed my mind! Dumb mother-in-law.

  4. Had you put the seasoned fries ON the bo-berry biscuit and dunked it in the sweet tea would I have ever thought this must be the beginning of mad, messed-up preggers cravins....instead i think this was a safe....but rather random....end of the week order!

  5. Hmmm .... I must say I am remaining cautiously undecided at the moment on my own personal opinion of why you are experiencing the cravings, moodiness, and cramping. Do you REMEMBER what you showed me while awaiting our Starbucks on Friday evening?? (Ahem. Enough said.)