Monday, September 3, 2012

celebrating the one i love.

Okay, so it appears that all my friends have been quick to post about their Labor Day weekend.  And, I have the urge to type like two sentences.  Which is more than normal these days.  So, I better take advantage.  Keep in mind, I didn't edit any of these pictures.  I only took pictures of a fraction of the things we did this weekend and it all is going to be super sloppy.  But sloppy is better than nothing, right?

We had such a fabulous weekend.  

My whole family was under one roof for longer than 24 hours.  First time this has happened since May.  It was a sweet time.  I love them.  And they love me well.  I am blessed.

We also spent the weekend celebrating the boy.  He turned 31 on Saturday.  It was fun to spend the weekend celebrating him.  

He was super bummed because he recently broke his arm and didn't get to go dove hunting.  This was his only birthday wish.  So, since that plan was no longer an option, I came up with a new plan.  A surprise trip.  Just me and him.  We left on Saturday morning and to say that Jordan was antsy would be an understatement.  He kept trying to guess where we were going.   

Finally, we pulled up and Jordan could see this...

Since he still didn't know where we were, I finally told him we were at the Hillsville FleaMarket and GUNSHOW.  He was beside-himself-excited :)  I'm so glad the surprise worked out.

They had tons of old fun stuff.  So, I spent time taking pictures while he spent time looking at guns and knives.  He was having a ball. 

We spent the entire rest of the weekend with family.  Eating good food.  Drinking good coffee.  Playing fun games.  And having good conversation.  

We sang happy birthday multiple times to the old man :)

[thank you dad, for the reminder to be extraordinary.]

Seeing my brother and sister love the twins is one of my greatest joys.  It just makes my heart so happy.

 We had a cookout with my dad's side of the family on Sunday night and I didn't take many pictures.  In fact, I only brought one lens for my camera - big mistake.  The night time pictures were a mess.

This morning, we came back home to celebrate Jordan's birthday with his family.  It was also such a sweet time of being together with his family.  

I love celebrating the one I love.

I feel very high-on-life as I settle back on my bed tonight.  Just thankful that I am able to call all the people in this post family.  There are so many people who would kill to have what we do.  And I do not take one second for granted.  I am blessed beyond measure.  And oh, so grateful.


  1. WHAT A FUN WEEKEND...I kinda love him too!! :)

    Ummm...I WANT that C at the flea go outside on my patio. Go BACK!

  2. We love you, bunches!