Monday, September 24, 2012

moxie monday.

Last week we went to downtown Apex to meet Ken and Barbie.  Before they arrived, we perused a few stores.  There's something about shopping in little main street stores during the Fall.  One of the stores had the cutest little things.  Like awesome little cards and random jewelry and interesting books.  I picked out a few cards and just as I was getting ready to pay, I looked over at a little table and saw this book:

Can you believe it?  

I was so shocked and excited to see a book titled, Moxie, and even more excited that is is full of fun little quotes that represent the word, moxie.  I sat it back down but then, couldn't resist.  

So, I've decided we should have a Moxie Monday quote each week.  You know how good I am with keeping up with these things, right? We typically last about two weeks...  

But, hopefully I can keep this up for at least a few weeks considering that it's just typing out a quote! 

We'll start out with the back of the book:

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