Wednesday, July 8, 2009

my goods.

so i have a little story to tell.
but let me just set the scene first.

worker man and i were house sitting last week for the dean of my department at work.
the dean.
also known as a sixty-eight year old surgeon.

well, when we left his house to go back home this past weekend, i locked the keys inside the house, set the alarm and was on my merry way.

i got home, unpacked and then took a shower to get ready to hang out with some friends. when i got out of the shower i started looking for one of my bras and couldn't find it anywhere.

all the sudden it hit me...

i left two bras and two thongs in the top dresser drawer of the room that worker man and i slept in at the dean's house.

{did i mentioned that he and his wife are in their late sixties?!?}
{and, did i mention that we locked ourselves out of the house when we left?!?}

so immediately i call my best friend, my boss, and teeter to let them know what i've done.
none of them could offer any advice between all the hysterical laughing.

so on sunday, i decide on my game plan.

i e-mailed the dean's wife and let her know that i had forgotten some clothes and i needed to stop by at lunch on monday and pick them up.

on monday morning, when i got to work, i had an e-mail from her.

the e-mail stated:
"i will not be here at lunch on monday. i have placed your things in a box and dr. n {ahem, the dean} will deliver the goods sometime on monday."
yes, you read that correct.

the goods.

let that sink in for a moment.

the dean of my department will deliver my goods (i.e. my bras and thongs i left at his house) to my office.

okay, moving on.

well, i had told everyone at work on monday morning the events of the past 48 hours and of course everyone was on the lookout for him to come in. they kept poking their heads in my office asking if he had come in yet.

when he finally came in, he walked into my office, thrust this box of my goods in my face, said "here, this is from nancy (his wife)" and walked out without another word.

sweet life.

yes, i know you're jealous.


  1. ....and I thought these kinds of things only happened to me... BAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.... and im sorry but Im still snickering....and found it hard to keep my composure in our staff meeting this morning when the new dean asked... Is there anything fun and exciting you want to share? BHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Love ya !

  2. Yall are having too much fun there!! Maybe that will spice up things a little for the dean and his wife!

  3. Oh Jenny, thank you for this! I laughed all the way through. Thinking of you!