Tuesday, July 21, 2009

wish list

my birthday is tomorrow.
so, i figured i'd compile a little birthday list...

*piperlime (i want the high wedge but couldn't find a picture)

*b&h photography


*sam moon

these have been on my wish list for the past few months.
one of the best things about our strict budget is that i always have a huge wish list when a holiday comes around. believe me, there's more on the list, these are just some of my favorites :)


  1. I had that same lens on my wish list. I hope you're more successful than I was at getting it! Someone just recommended "Understaning Exposure" for me, the novice photographer. How did you hear of it? What do you know about it? Happy Birthday and I hope you get lots of fun stuff!!

  2. Presh, You're always loved ... even when its NOT ur birthday!