Tuesday, April 13, 2010


do any of you own white pants?

well, can i just tell experience with white pants has not been good.

take one:

i bought my first pair of white pants one summer and wore them on a first date.  all was going well - feeling cute in my teal halter top, wedges and white pants.  we ate at a japanese restaurant and then were supposed to head to a movie.  well, the guy i was on the date with went to my rival highschool and one of their biggest football games had gotten postponed to saturday night due to a thunderstorm the night before.

i could tell he was dying to go to the football game - but in trying to make it a good first date, was willing to give that up to go to the football game.  all the while itching for me to offer the football game option instead.

so, i obliged and he nearly jumped out of his seat because he was so excited.

we had some time in between supper and the football game so this guy suggested that we go to his parent's house to kill half an hour.  so, we show up at his parent's house and get out of the car and his dog comes running around the house.  well, remember the part about the thunderstorm the previous night?

yes, red mud.

and i do mean, all.over.

so, i meet his mother at the door and before we can even be introduced, she whisks me into the kitchen, throws my leg up on the island and starts wiping down my pants.  from my ankles all the way up to the top of my thighs [ummm...yes, ackward].   and the rest of his family walks into the kitchen to meet me with one leg sprawled across the island and with their mother wiping my other leg up and down while on her knees.

and, then....yes, we went to the football game.  
and met all of his friends. 
while in my red, white pants.

so, clearly i waited for quite a while before i bought another pair of white pants.

take two:
i bought another pair of pants about a month before i went out with worker man.  on our second date i decided to wear my white pants for the first time.  we went to eat and i made it out of the restaurant without an incident.  we went to a bowling alley near by and i got out of his big, honkin' truck [major points :)] and walked around the back...

and the way i like to remember it was that i just slightly brushed the exhaust pipe.

in reality i think i slammed my shin into it not so gracefully.  

but, either way...the pants were ruined.

and now, because i'm hard-headed and clearly not willing to learn my lesson...

take three:
i bought a pair of white pants about a month ago.  i have tried them on multiple times to make sure i like them and i've gone round and round about whether i should keep them or not.  

so, last week i decided to break loose. 

i wore them to work and made it all the way to lunch while doing good.  i ran down to the cafeteria to grab a drink and was standing in line.

and all of the sudden....bam.  

i hear a plate shatter.
and immediately feel something nasty hit my toes.
i look over and a lady has dropped her salad plate and the glass has shattered everywhere.
pickled beets, lettuce, cheese, vinegarette dressing....everywhere.

so i don't even worry about looking down till i get a little further away and then see that the entire left leg of my pants is splattered with dressing.

but - good news, it came out with a shout wipe.

i'll update you with the story when i wear them next.
because given my luck so far, i'm sure they'll be ruined next time.

lesson learned.


  1. okay, so. lesson learned. except that you're planning to wear them again...?

  2. Slow to learn?

    I love white pants but usually don't wear them...for reasons I refuse to put on this blog!:)

  3. i do love white pants, although i don't own any!

  4. A girl after my own heart! Stains and spills seem to seek me out. I don't have to just be wearing white though, although white is definitely like a magnet. I just bought a pair of white maternity pants and I'm already nervous about wearing them and what atrocious thing I'm going to to get on them!