Friday, April 16, 2010

three for friday.

i know it would totally be so much better if i have five for friday.

but...i don't.

so how about three?

1.  laundry much?

clearly a pretty busy week - evidenced by the fact that worker man is about to have to go without boxers or start turning them inside out.

2.  i stole this coffee cup from my mom. 

it definitely adds a little happy to my mornings.

3.  my latest project!

found this gorgeous thang at goodwill for $10!  it's going to be my first reupholstery project.
i'll keep you updated :)  i'm so excited!

and that's all i've got.

like i said, busy week.

have a wonderful weekend!!

sorry for the crappy pictures - they're from my phone.


  1. I can not wait to see the will be killer ... no doubt ......

    Your laundry would only qualify as an appetizer for the laundry nazi...he's used to 5 of those at once....and its just 3 of us at home now.

    Loving that its Friday.....finally!

  2. SHUT UP about that chair!! You know I want to do mine. So get you some practice on YOURS girl, 'cause MINE is next. Hey, be careful what you put on your blog if you don't want your MIL to stalk you!

  3. Can't wait to see what the chair looks like once you're finished! :)