Thursday, April 15, 2010


i absolutely love magazines!

these three are my all time favorites.

there's nothing like reading through a fresh magazine for the first time.
[especially after carrying it around for two weeks waiting for the perfect free time to crack the cover].
dog-earing pages to come back to.
wishing your house could look just like that.
getting new ideas.
setting them out on the coffee table.

i just love it!

what about you?
do you like them?
what are your favorites??


  1. Love magazines, too! Favs include, but are not limited to, Southern Living, Family Circle, Woman's Day, etc. I am going to have to try Real Simple and do it yourself, I love things to do with decorating your home.

  2. Absolutely. I easily get carried away at any big bookstore.. like Barnes and Noble. I could sit, drink coffee and read magazines for hours in there!

    I likeeeeee Fitness, Style, Southern Living (mostly for dessert recipes), any Bridal Magazines..just for fun. Vogue (for the funky photography), Real Simple (super neat ideas). My bookshelf is unlimited!! I love them!

  3. LOVE me a magazine. I read them cover to cover!! Love the three you showed but also I love Parents, Good Housekeeping, Southern Living and I too love a bridal magazine Courtney!!