Thursday, April 1, 2010


worker man had to make a delivery for his dad's company the other night so i decided to ride along. 

i never knew what all happened to make a delivery.

and since i'm sure you're all dying to know what happens, i documented it.

yes, get excited.

first you take off running by all these tanks, turning all the right levers and pushing all the necessary buttons.

oh, and jumping over rails. 
[i think worker man's been doing it long enough now that he could do it blindfolded].

and, apparently the copilot just takes pictures of anything and everything.
oh, and gets excited about watching the husband run around like a crazy man and about sitting that high up so high.

some fancy contraption that you have to pull on.

then you have to fill up the truck.

and the copilot takes more random pictures.
well, except the 'no smoking' sign isn't so random.  we don't wont to blow up the city.

then, you proceed to the delivery location.  but all along the way you point out every customer's house in the 10 mile drive.  while the copilot smiles and nods and acts very interested.  even though they might not be. 

then you pull out the line and start pumping the fuel.

and ask your copilot to puhlease get that camera out of your face.
[except worker man broke the rule, he didn't ask quite that nicely].

then you just laugh because the photographer won't stop.  so you embrace it.

and strike a few poses. 
until you almost overfill the tank and it almost spews out in your face.

then you demand that the copilot put down that darn camera and start helping you reel the hose back in. and figure up the bill.

then, leave it on the customer's door and head back home.  through the country.  just as the sun is setting.

then you eat cereal for supper.

told you, you'd be jealous.


  1. This cracked me up. My husband is a land surveyor & he's constantly pointing out all the stakes he's put in the ground all over the county.

  2. that is so funny i couldn't stop laughing i could just hear jordan telling you to put the camera down just as rob always tells me. i miss you guys :( i miss my cousin jordan

  3. I'm with Joy...I laughed so hard!!! Too funny! It IS an adventure though isn't it?

    I love the picture of Worker Man leaning down to pump the fuel while looking up at you...great picture!

  4. you could qualify for being the official photographer for cop. that could come in handy although that is a nonpaying job love lots ffil

  5. i believe you have a future at the oil company! love the post, for many reason, love how you can make anything funny and entertaining and love you two! precious couple!

  6. Whew, makes me glad to work in the office!

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