Monday, April 5, 2010


worker man and i spent saturday doing this.

[yes, that is my husband.  in shorts and brogans].

speaking of you know what i mean when i say that?!?  this is what my family always called working boots.  but i've come to realize most people don't call them that and typically have no clue what i'm talking about.  aaand, i just googled the word to make sure i was spelling it correctly and this is what came up:

and no, these are not the kind of boots worker man wears.


we planted shrubs and lillies and annuals on saturday and

i slept so good on saturday night. 

it also made such a difference to the way our house looks!

maybe the neighbors will start to associate with us.  i think they think worker man is crazy. because for the last three years worker man has lived in our house and each spring he cleans out the beds and gets all the weeds out and makes a nice little edge.

and then....

does nothing.

no mulch, no flowers, no shurbs.

just pretty dirt.

so maybe our neighbors will finally start talking to us and waving when we drive by.

but, two years in...i'm not getting my hopes up.

i think they are just trying to steer clear of the crazies across the street.


  1. golly wow i am delighted to be to first to comment on you blog today. gg you and j did an outstanding job of picking out your material and then putting it in the ground. i am very impressed. love you ffil

  2. just being honest, that's why i stay on my side of town... just can't be seen with you and your horrible yard. riggghhhtt... :) love you jenny and MISS YOU.