Tuesday, April 6, 2010


since i have gotten on this coupon streak - worker man always brags to everyone about how much we saved.

so since we are saving money, i we decided we should clip and sort the coupons.

i'm liking this more and more :)


  1. question about the coupons, i think the idea is great but my trouble with coupons is that i can't usually find them for what we actually use. do you buy things even if you don't normally use it if you have a coupon or are you willing to change kinds if you have a coupon for a diff brand of something, ie, toothpaste?

  2. I can't clip coupons because I give them to my DIL...J/K...I clip them and let them expire! ugh! (I think you should be a personal shopper! No kidding. You could clip coupons and shop for people. They could let you have all the $ they save as your pay. That way they get their groceries bought by someone else, and it doesn't cost them extra. Genius idea if I must say so myself)!

  3. I love this! And I love my coupon the point that mother was mad at me because I wouldn't buy something in Target because I knew I had a coupon at home! :)