Wednesday, March 31, 2010

it's a celebration.

last night we celebrated sidney lee's 18th birthday.

it was beautiful and fabulous.

i am so thankful for her and it was wonderful to spend a night with family and friends celebrating.

here are the pictures from the night:

always a big story to runs in the family.

such great facial expressions - more to come...get excited.

sl's friends that came over to help celebrate.

always so much fun.

singing happy birthday.

some of the aunts. 
listening to one of those big tales i mentioned earlier.

further evidence of my family's big tales.  i think my uncle [in the red] was talking about the last fish he caught.  except when he told me the story, his arms were nowhere near as wide.

madre and the birthday girl.

sl checking out the shirt that all her friends signed for her birthday.

of course mom needed to document the evening on video.  she's getting a message from all the guests to the birthday girl. 

speaking of home videos, i love to watch home videos - they're my favorite.

we played with the new cellphone - part of sl's present.

and we pulled out the baby book and looked at sidney's pictures.

which turned into looking at old yearbooks when my dad and uncles were in high school.

which led guessed it, more big tales.

about their dating years.  and apparently some heated discussion between my aunt and worker man.

opening gifts, more of those beautiful expressions.

we had such a good time!

and just for good measure, happy birthday sidney lee!

[i only texted/told her happy birthday 1.8 million times yesterday]


  1. Looks like SL had a GREAT 18th birthday! This is completely random, but my friend Audrey worked/ran/was in charge/had a group...something like that...the Duke Youth Academy for a few summers. Small world!

  2. Fun pictures of a great family. I know SL had a wonderful 18th!

  3. Okay, so you totally need to tell all of the Scott women that NONE of them have aged! They still all look the same as I remember them when I was little! The only people that looked different were the goodness they've all grown up!!