Tuesday, April 27, 2010

frock update.


leave it to me to make an "idiot-proof sew along" dramatic.

so far this frock has been quite the challenge.

yesterday i went to get my fabric [yes, nothing like waiting until the last minute].  and realized when i got to joanns that i didn't have my pattern with me to see how much fabric i needed.  so i called my mother-in-law to look it up online.

well, in order for her to access the pattern, she had to create a username, put in her information, and fill out the word verification.  she went through the entire process three times before she finally found a username that would work.  so, when she finally got all of it acceptably entered, they sent her an e-mail for verification.  she had to log into her email and click on the link so she could get into the site and download the pattern.  so she goes back to yahoo, and the server won't allow her to sign into her e-mail account!

so alll of that, just to find out she can't even get to the pattern.

i called worker man and he was already home.  so he found the copy i printed and told me the amount in about 5 seconds.  after fmil went through all of that for like 10 minutes.

during all of this i narrowed my fabric choice down to two choices.
a navy, linen-like fabric and an auqa color with a white pattern all over.
after going round and round i finally decided on the navy.

so, i got up to the counter and the lady cut the amount that i needed and handed me the tag to take to the register...

....and i almost croaked.

the fabric that i had looked at beside the navy was like $7.99/yard and 50% off.
so i assumed that this fabric was the same.

except really, it was $14.99 per yard.

and not 50% off.

and 2.5 yards.


so rather than telling them i had made a mistake, i just went ahead and paid for it!!

i'm such a whimp.

so now, my cute little frock that could have cost like $10 total.
now costs $40.

that's like major coupon work - to make up for that ridiculous mistake.

plus, i called my mom looking for some kind of positive in all of this and she tells me that "you get what you pay for - so it'll probably be better that you got a nicer material".

and then she proceeds to say "well, except it's linen.  so you'll probably shrink it the first time you wash it."

so much for a positive!


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  2. can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. haha. this cracked me up.

    but i wanted a frock as well after your first post about it. and i was like.. so cute, cheap, made especially for my body.. ahh. its the perfect idea.. except i don't have a sewing machine and if i did, i would not know what to do with it! soo.. long story short. my sewing extrodinare grandma is going to hook me up! :) thanks for the idea.. ill let you know how my turns out as well.

  4. But you will look like a million bucks in it!!!!

  5. Oooh, you need to post a photo! :)