Monday, April 26, 2010



i hope you all had a beautiful weeked.  ours was fabulous.  tons of time was spent with beautiful people.  over food. and games. and bonfires.  it was so refreshing.

and then i had to work - on saturday morning :)

i was a teller my senior year of college and i've stayed on with the bank to help out random saturdays.  just a little extra money [and by little, i mean little] .  but it's no fun. 

so i woke up and left in time to stop by starbucks on my way.
[a latte and new magazine always help make those saturday mornings a little better].

but i got on the highway and realized i forgot my phone at home.
which i had to have because i was meeting a friend after i got off work. [too much detail].

so i went all the way back home to get it. and mentioned to worker man that i was not going to be able to stop at starbucks now because i would be late.

thinking that maybe, just maybe he'd get the hint to bring me some to work.

well....that went right over his head.
or maybe he just ignored it.

so by 9:15 i was really wanting some starbucks so what did i do??

sent a  text  to fmil.

just to see if she was in the area.
and i found out she wasn't.

in fact she and ffil were in another town on the opposite side of where i was.

but look who appeared an hour later.

are those good inlaws, or what?

i think i've got any of you beat!


  1. Man you have some good in laws! (And they have a good DIL too)!

  2. I think you do have the best and they have a keeper too!

  3. How sweet! I was going to be really jealous if your husband actually got the hint. I don't think their brains are capable of thinking like that. You do have great inlaws!

  4. The a mile!!!! :)