Saturday, November 17, 2012

doing things differently. and that's okay.

If there is one thing I decided to stand by before becoming a mother it was "to each his own".  I had seen how different each mother does things.  And I had realized that that was okay.  All because it's done differently doesn't mean that it's wrong.  

Motherhood is a beautiful journey.  And I love that each journey is different.  I love learning from other mothers.  Observing the way they walk this road.  And then figuring out each step of my path.  

Kelle [yes, I'm totally going to refer to her by her first name because we're bffs...didn't you know?] wrote this on her blog a while back and I loved it.  It's exactly how I feel about our family, this blog, our life. 

"I have no mission statement for the blog because my brain is far too scattered to ever be summarized into one sentence. But if I had to choose something for this space it would simply be Welcome to Enjoying the Small Things. We might look different than your family, we might believe differently, we might raise our kids differently, and we might choose priorities that are different than yours. But really, we are the same. I hope you feel that and I hope that fact makes you feel welcome and accepted and encouraged to live your one wild and precious life. And if we approached every one we ever met with that philosophy, I think the world would be a kinder, gentler, more understanding place."

 I want my family's life to be an encouragement to others to live their one wild and precious life.

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