Saturday, November 17, 2012

real is beautiful.

being real is the most freeing thing i have ever experienced.

i am a mess.
my house is dirty 90% of the time.
my kids sometimes have crusty noses.
i don't always speak with love to my husband. 
we eat take-out way more often than we should.
some weeks i cram all my bsf questions into two days.

but i've learned that real is beautiful.

it allows me to sit on the floor in the midst of my house being a disaster and read books with my babies.
it leads to awesome relationships.
it means being vulnerable in a world that pretends to have it all together.
which can be terrifying. 
but it is also leads to the sweetest life i've known.

being real means admitting that i don't have it all together. 
being real means giving up the "good girl" mentality.
being real means that i need Jesus.

and it is a beautiful thing.