Friday, November 16, 2012

project 52.34


I have wanted for so long to live in a place where we have community.
I want to raise y'all around other families who love Jesus and I want y'all to be surrounded by family and friends.

I grew up with that.  Tons of cousins living within a two mile radius.  Lots of houses to go between.  Lots of meals shared, lots of games played, holidays all together, Sunday afternoons spent hanging out.  
Since your Nonny and Poppy are the only two family members we have locally, I have been worried that we wouldn't have the community I longed for.

But, oh man, did the Lord have a plan.
We celebrated Thanksgiving tonight with our "family". 
[And y'all were there :) Hidden in the picture, but there!]

I am seeing my dream happen before my very eyes.

You are being surrounded by families and friends who love Jesus.  
We do have community.

And I am oh so grateful.


  1. just read this and literally laughed and cried in a sixty second span. laughed at me in the pic--so special. and cried because i am SO GRATEFUL, too. love y'all!!!