Wednesday, July 25, 2012

a baby and an old bald man.

Since the twins were born, I have played a little game with my parents and Jordan's parents.  I will text them a picture of one of the boys and they will guess which baby it is.  

Although they do look different when they are together, we have all gotten them confused when they are separate.  Not so confused that you panic.  But just confused enough to do a double [or triple] take.  
[Thankfully we would never have to actually panic.  Crews has an umbilical hernia so if all else failed, we could just check the belly buttons :)]

My dad is rarely wrong.  Which is quite an accomplishment since he uses a phone one generation newer than a bag phone.  Kidding.  But he does still use a flip phone.  With a screen that is about an inch and a half square.  But, with his reading glasses and his tiny screen, he's still typically dead on.

Well, over time the pace of the game has slowed.  The boys look different.  But, there are still occasional pictures that are difficult enough that I send them along.  

I got one on Monday night and sent it out.  I knew this one would stump someone.

So, my dad immediately called me.

"Jenny, I haven't figured out which baby that is but, who is the old, bald man holding him?"

This is the picture he opened
(in about the size it was on his phone)

And bigger...

That's right.  It's me.

Wow.  Thank you, dad.  I mean, I know that a picture of a reflection is a little blurry.  And canning spaghetti sauce all day doesn't do the best of things to your hair.  And that this angle is like the worst possible of my face.  

But really?  A old, bald man?

So the question remains, which baby is the old, bald man holding?


  1. Toooooooooo funny!!! And I won't guess which baby it is since I've already guessed....and I was
    W R O N G.

  2. This is HILARIOUS. I love it. Getting your dad an iPhone for Christmas?? ;) I'm going to guess...just because it's fun...but having never met them in person, this is tricky. Crews??

  3. Oh, and you got your funny back....just sayin'!!!

  4. OK, I'm guessing Tate. Looks too much like Jordan.

  5. Well, so funny, I love it.I won't guess which baby it is since I've already guessed