Friday, July 20, 2012

project 52.22


Freedom is not something I ever want you to take for granted.  

That is hard.  To live in a place where you have always had freedom, it is easy to forget that so many others don't.  Daddies and brothers, sons and best friends are protecting our country every day.  So that we can live the way we want to live.  And worship the way we want to worship.  To have rights. And to be protected.  I want you to be ever grateful for that.

I also want you to come to know the freedom that Christ offers.  It is easy to live a life of bondage.  To sin of all kind.  Sins that pull you away from Jesus.  And sin that ties you to the idea that you must be good enough to be accepted by Jesus. But Christ offers freedom.  For you to come to Him, unashamed.  Just as you are.  

I pray that you accept that freedom, too.

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