Thursday, July 26, 2012

brain dump.

So, there's some random stuff that I've been meaning to post but nothing long enough for it's on individual post!  How about a brain dump?

  • On yesterday's post, BonBon was the only commenter to guess the correct babe!  It was Tate!  In fact, when I started to type this out, I looked back again at the other pictures I took in the same setting and it was in fact, Tate.
  • I had a few comments on the Bowl Cover post asking if I would be making any to sell.  I am happy to make these to sell if anyone is interested.  Just shoot me an email (jenny.s.conklin [at] gmail [dot] com).  I think it would cost too much to ship the bowl so if you would like to buy your own bowl and let me know what color the bowl is, I can send you some fabric options!  I would also need to know the diameter of the bowl.  I would be willing to make them with a monogram or name for $18.  

  • My grandma is in the hospital.  And has been for 40 days.  Please pray for her.  She has had quite a time.  Thankfully, the doctor was semi-encouraging yesterday after a hard few days.  Please pray for healing and for wisdom for the doctors.  And for rest for family who are staying with her.  40 days is a long time, y'all.  And the road to recovery is going to be long.
  • My mom bought a statue of brothers (we're calling them twins :)) for her back deck and we had to get of picture of the twins with it.  So funny.  And random.

Okay, I think that's all for this random Thursday.  

Have a good one y'all!


  1. Definitely just sent you an email to order four bowl covers :)