Friday, November 25, 2011

How it all went down...(part two)

So, we're picking back up from yesterday.

They moved me to a labor room and I talked to the doctors about when we should call our families.  My parents live about 2 1/2 hours from the hospital and we definitely didn't want them to miss anything but we also didn't want them sitting in the waiting room all day Tuesday waiting for the babies arrive.  Dr. Gilner told me that I should probably go ahead and tell them to head this way because the babies were definitely coming and they were coming sooner rather than later.  With my blood pressure rising, they were going to see how things progressed.  But if things didn't progress quickly they would do something to move the process along.  So, we called our parents and told them to head to the hospital.

A little while after being moved to our room they came in and decided to break my water. They checked me before breaking my water and I was dilated to a 5.   An epidural was required in case of an emergency c-section on Baby B.  But, I had told my doctor that I really wanted a natural delivery so I wanted to wait until the last second to get the epidural. (I also was very adamant about trying to deliver the boys vaginally.  Which is often uncommon with twins - doc will tend to automatically want to do a c-section)

 Our parents arrived and my sister, brother and brother's girlfriend arrived and we filled them in on all the details.  I was so concerned at one point about not having any mascara on and about my face being buuuusteeed ("pregnancy glow" must be a myth....for realz).  So my mom and mother-in-law took a few minutes to "fix" me.  Which, you will see from the pictures afterwards, did not do a ton of good - I still looked rough.  But, for some reason I thought that some concealer and waterproof mascara were going to change my appearance from woman that just pushed out two babies to a cover girl ad.  Ahem, I was apparently confused.

(MiMi and Nonny)

So, annnnyway, I labored for about two hours after they broke "Baby A's" water and then they gave me the epidural.  Then they checked me about 30 minutes after the epidural and I was at a 10 and ready to push!  I think Dr. Gilner was quite surprised that I was at a ten.  She told me we had to go and we had to go right then.  That Baby A was about to make his grand debut and we better get to the OR...STAT :)  I begged Dr. Gilner to give me five minutes and she granted my request.  Our families came back in the room and prayed over me.  I just knew that I wanted God to be in the OR with us.  This was really about to happen.  We were going to deliver two baby boys.  At 32 weeks and 4 days.  And they were going to be taken to the NICU.  So I definitely needed all the prayers we could get.

Sidenote:  Praise the Lord for the dr. appt on Monday afternoon!  Since I was already in labor on Monday afternoon when I arrived, they told me I would have probably ended up at the hospital at some point in the middle of the night anyway in labor.  And, with how quickly everything progressed, we would have probably ended up having these babies in the car on the way to the hospital if we hadn't had the doctors appointment that afternoon!).

(Jordan in some tiny scrubs :)  They let him change into a different pair that were made to fit someone taller than 5 1/2 feet.)

After we prayed, they rushed me to the OR (again, just in case of an emergency c-section).  It was 5:30 a.m.  They went into turbo mode trying to get everyone ready because Crews was about to make his grand debut a little faster than thye were expecting.  There were lots of people in the OR.  A team for each baby and then medical students, anesthesiologists and a couple of OBs.  It was crazy in there.
I told Dr. Gilner that I hadn't taken any kind of class and she offered to give me the Cliff Notes version of delivery.  She give me a 2 minute overview explaining that one push is considered pushing for 10 seconds, taking a small breath, and doing that again two more times.   Then, after the two minute lesson, it was time to start pushing.

(Dr. Swammy, Me and my double chin)

(Dr. Gilner)

I pushed 1 1/2 sets of pushes with Crews and he arrived at 5:48 a.m.  They rushed him into the next room with one team of doctors.  They told me he weighed 1340 grams.  I asked how much that was in pounds and ounces and...dead silence.  No one could answer me.  Out of the twenty plus, highly educated people running around in the one could tell me. After a few seconds of silence, I asked "anyone?" and a doctor spoke up over to my left and said, I'm working on it.  She had a pencil and paper out trying to convert it.  They told me "umm...about 3 lbs.".  They checked him out and brought him back to the bed and let us meet him for the first time.  He was beautiful.  I was so amazed.  That he was mine.
(Seeing sweet Crews for the first time)

I only saw him for a quick second before it was time to start pushing again.  Tate arrived even faster than Crews.  I pushed a couple of times to get Tate to move down so I could start real pushes.  Then, I pushed one set with Tate and he came out squirming at 6:01 a.m.!  He didn't cry at the beginning but once they got him to the next room and started checking him out, I heard him start crying.  It was such a sweet noise!  Unfortunately they didn't get to bring him back to my bed because they had to take him straight to the NICU. Jordan help the door open as they wheeled Tate away so I could at least see him from afar.

(Jordan went to take a picture of Tate so I could at least see him on my camera!)

What an amazing easy delivery!  It was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced.  I am still in wonder and awe of how our bodies are designed!  Jordan and I were both just so overwhelmed at the thought that those twenty little, perfect fingers and twenty little, perfect toes had been inside of me.  That's what we had been feeling move around in my tummy and here they were, outside of me!

(Us with Dr. Gilner - LOVE that woman!)

Okay, how about a part three?  I'll pick up with that soon :)


  1. Hilarious part....COVER GIRL AD.

    Thankful part....Doctor appt. and no CAR babies.:)

  2. A lot of hardwork but its sure its worthy.

  3. Oh my gosh, Jenny! These pictures just had me in tears! You looked beautiful! I still can't believe you're a mommy!! Love you!