Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving from our turkeys!

One of Jordan's friends, Sean, has a son, Hayden, who is three or four years old.  One afternoon Hayden and his parents went for a walk.  They talked about how awesome the clouds and the sunset were that particular afternoon.

Sean asked Hayden, "Why did God create those pretty clouds?" 

Hayden answered:

"For His gwory"  (glory).

I have realized that so often I thank God for what He has given us like He is doing me some favor by blessing me.  Or for creating this beautiful earth.  Or for designing everything to work so perfectly.  But, I've come to realize that all of this - the blessings of life and family and a home, the beautiful leaves that have fallen, the awesome clouds and sunsets - all of it, is for His glory.

Two beautiful, healthy preemies that have given me a whole new perspective of "fearfully and wonderfully made"?  For.His.Glory.

In just the four, short weeks that they have been alive they have done just that.  Brought glory to His name.  Specifically in my life, I have become completely overwhelmed by just how big our Savior really is.  Just how powerful our Creator really is.  Just how sovereign our God really is.

Just how glorious our Jesus really is.  

And I know, I know without a doubt, that Crews and Tate have done the same thing in our families' lives.  When you see a little 2 lb. 15 oz. baby and 4 lb. 5 oz. baby.  Babies that are healthy.  Whose bodies work just right.  With the right amount of fluid in their ears and the ability to see and the ability to move their little fingers and toes.  You can't, not, be in awe of God.  It's impossible to see them and not see how glorious our God is.

So that is my prayer for these two sweet lives.  That their lives would bring big glory to His name.  And that this would not only happen while they are tiny, NICU babies but that all the days of their lives would be dedicated to bringing glory to our Creator.

This Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful.
Beyond words. Beyond comprehension.  Beyond belief.
Thankful that I am blessed.
But even more thankful that we serve a glorious Savior.

Because really?  

It's all for His "gwory".


  1. Really, how precious. It truly IS for his gwory.

  2. Was blog surfing, and found your site. What a beautiful pair of babies you have, God has surely blessed you. Thank you for sharing your story. Drop by for a visit.

  3. RE-reading this tonight and praying for the four of you.

  4. Thanks soooo much for this, and having had similar experience, there really are no words for knowing that He is so personally involved in our little lives. AND how assuring to know that goes for our children's lives now and forever. Gives me relief b/c i know i will never be able to do all and be all and protect them, but He will always be at work in them and through them and around them, and i too pray He is glorified in that. And i really appreciate the central truth you're sharing in this entry.... We are so blessed to be His.