Tuesday, June 15, 2010


on saturday morning we had breakfast at my parent's house before sl and her friends left for the beach.  all the parents came and we just spent the morning on their back porch [which is fabulous].

we had panckaes and fruit and coffee and juice.

dad's typical pose anytime a camera comes near him.

one of sl's friends.
so happy for me to be sticking my camera in her face at 8 a.m.

of course the moms insisted on one more group shot.
then we prayed.
and by the end, all of the moms were total basket-cases :)
some of the dads might have been on the verge.

and then they left.

oh but wait, not before a million rules and boundaries were set.

discussions about the best way to get there.
how often they had to call home.
to split up the cost of the parking.
to be careful.
to call home.
to have a good time.
oh, and just for good measure, one more reminder to call home.

and then they were off.

for real this time.

i know they are having a blast!


  1. I love that they cooked the breakfast OUTSIDE. And I LOVE their back porch. I want it!

    I hope the girls have a blast!