Monday, June 14, 2010



i'm back from my impromptu "break".
sorry i went m.i.a. for awhile.
not really sure what happened?  got a little busy.
but, alas, i'm back.
get excited.

i'm sure you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats awaiting my return.

so, anywhoo...guess what i did friday night?

umm. yes, i went to my sister's graduation.

and, not only did my sister graduate, but two of our cousins.

of course, we had to get a ton of pictures :)
here they are with their families.

j and his family.

a and his family.

and all of the graduates with their mamas :)

oh, and we were all there too :)

sidney lee with mom and dad.

then we moved on to taking pictures with the friends.
we got lots with everyone's family but i'll spare you the 40 bazillion i took.
here are a couple of sl's closest friends.
we're missing a few but it was a little crazy after the ceremony.

 this is the family that i baby-sat[?] for years.
the oldest in the orange is already in college.
and the youngest was like 2 years old when i started keeping them.
she's ten now.

and then there's the family that sl baby-sat for.

worker man showin a little lovin to one of the graduates.
it's funny, i always seem to get a picture right before they start rough-housing.

and there's us three :)

and my beautiful parents.

after graduation, we all came back to my parent's house for a little shindig. 
we had a blast.

sl with my mom's two sisters.

and with mammie.

her with our bon bon.

worker man and the other graduating cousin.
another picture right before chaos insued.

we had a ridiculous amount of wonderful food there.

and papa, surrounded by the graduates, said the blessing.

we had such an awesome time.
and [risking sounding old here], i can't believe my sister graduated.
with my brother, it seemed like it was time.
but with her, it just seems crazy.

i'm stoked because that means she'll be closer to me when she goes to school.
and hopefully i'll get to hang out with her more.

but still.
it's just crazy.
my parent's are going to be empty-nesters.
and my sister is going to be in college.

she's at the beach right now, for a week.
just her and her girlfriends.

as much as it blows my mind, i couldn't be more excited for her.
 i know her next four years will be life-changing.
my years in college were fabulous.  they seriously rocked my world.

and i can't wait to see her world rocked.

congratulations sidney lee.
i love you!


  1. Congrats to your little sis! You guys look so much alike! And I love how you both use your middle names as part of your actual name.

  2. Beautiful Sidney Lee!!!

    Welcome back. Missed you!!!

  3. haha thankyou mam(: see you in the am!

    [oh this is sid]