Wednesday, June 16, 2010

wfmw - magic.

have you ever heard of magic erasers?

until i got married, i had never heard of them.
fmil introduced them to me.

and whoa.

seriously, they will clean anything.

they are the best things ever.  
on our bathtub, on the sink, on the wall.

i didn't know about them for so long.
so i just wanted to share the love :)
if you haven't tried them, give them a shot.
and see if they work for you!

[i am linking up over at We Are THAT Family for Works for Me Wednesdays]

*no, mr. clean knows nothing about me.  they are just that good, really*


  1. I've never tried Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers. Guess I should!

  2. Oh yeh. Me and Mr. Clean...we have a thing going. I can't live without him!

  3. girl! i LOVE my magic eraser but i had never thought about using it in my shower! i tried it this morning and it was a MIRACLE. thanks for the tip :)

  4. I am always hearing people talk about how great the Mr. Clean erasers are. I don't know what I am doing wrong because they don't work at all for me. They will not clean anything that a wet paper towel will not clean for me.