Friday, March 5, 2010


if you have some extra time this weekend, you should really check out these blogs.  they are some of my favorite reads and i just figured you might be interested:

  1. Darby @ Fly Through Our Window
  2. Melanie @ Big Mama
  3. Megan @ Tales of the Trees
  4. Kelle @ Enjoying the Small Things [you should definitely check out these two posts - they are beautiful - nella and holland]
  5. Danielle @ 6 Year Med
  6. Ashley @ Under the Sycamore
  7. Keri @ Forever Folding Laundry
  8. Kayla Aimee @ Kayla Aimee:  Only Slightly Neurotic
  9. Anna @ Knock Off Wood
  10. And of course my mother-in-law @ Love Being a Nonny & sister-in-law @ A Little Latin :)

what are some of your favorites?

happy friday!


  1. I read most of these but I want to look at the rest of them too!!! Love this post. I will put up my favs next week!

  2. um excuse me...