Monday, March 8, 2010

a.g.'s outfit.

did you notice the onesie that a.g. was wearing in the pictures i took last week? about a tutorial on how i made it?

i started out with this...

a white, long-sleeved onesie.

and i used this:

i dyed the onesie fuchsia.  

don't be afraid of rit.  it's fabulous. and super easy. i promise.

[you don't necessarily have to dye it if you like white or find a colored onesie that you like].

then, print out the letter you need for the front.  just pick the font you like and print out a few different sizes till you find the size that would fit best.

you will need to use heat and bond to applique the letter to the front of your onesie.

[i used the no-sew kind but looking back i would probably use the lite heat and bond so i could stitch around the letter] 

cut around your letter and cut out the heat and bond in the same shape.

then, iron the non-paper side of the heat and bond to the wrong side of your fabric [using the wool, no steam setting on your iron].

pin your letter to the right side of the fabric and using small scissors, cut around your letter.

i don't have a picture of this step but you will then peel off the paper and iron the letter to your onesie. 
[also, if you used the lite, 'sewable' heat and bond, you can then stitch around the letters]

now, on to the ruffle butt.

cut three strips of fabric.

you will want to cut the strips double the width that you want the ruffles and at least 6 inches longer that the length you want.  i just measured the three different areas on the onesie where i wanted the ruffles and increased those lengths by 6 inches.

fold your strips [right sides together] and sew it together.

turn your fabric strips right side out [random tip:  i used a crochet needle to help].

iron down your strips with the seam in the middle of one side.

sorry, no pictures for this step but sew your strips length-wise using your longest stitch.  then, pull your thread from one end to ruffle the strips.

next, pin your ruffles to the back of your onesie.

and sew them down.

then put the onesie on a really cute baby and take lots of pictures :)

especially the cute, diapered, ruffle-butt :)

this is my first tutorial  - so please let me know if something doesn't make sense.  
i'll be happy to answer any questions you have :)


  1. GREAT tutorial. I might could even make one seeing THIS!!! Cutest baby too!!! :)

  2. cutest onesie on the cutest baby!

  3. that looked like a "p" in your tutorial. piper starts with a "p"...i'm just saying...that is SUPER cute! miss you girl.


  4. you make me want to learn to sew!

    i know this is so random, but i was in hobby lobby today and i happened to look through their posters which are 50% off this week...well, they had the map of the USA w/license plates...kind of like the picture your sister wanted in Target...anyway, the hobby lobby one is $7 so she may want to check it out!